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I find it funny when photographers complain about spending money on other professionals like painters. When we do a job, we get that much money right?

I was just watching the video thinking the same thing. "I can do just as good a job" said every camera and cell phone owner. ;)

Hi guys, the row of fighters is mine, great feedback thank you, just wanted to tell you that none of the people were fighters, they were all boxing for charity to raise money for a sick girl to fly to the USA for treatment. Thanks again

Lee, if you are reading this I burst out laughing when that beer company was from India. Actually it's near the place I live in Goa, India. Most retouchers here go overboard and the finished image looks cheap.. You were spot on, so definitely not racist 😂 Have a great day 😊

So glad to hear that you don't hate me! We were cracking up. I can't believe I called that while being filmed live.

Thanks for the kind feedback on the Norwegian yellow cabin!


It was great to see y'all rate images that I liked and already have rated. I wasn't understanding my 2's and 3's on my images until watching y'all rate images, now it's a little more clear. The rating system rarely tells me why I got what I got, this helped quite a bit in understanding why my images were rated the way they were, and they are deserving of the numbers in fact I'd say some of my images were higher than I deserved (Charitable 2's & 3's lol). Thanks for the video.

I found you and binge-watched a bunch of your critiques over the last month and really enjoyed them. It's entertaining to hear critiques that are a little more real and not just empty praise. Even when it's my own image. I got a kick out of watching this episode.

You wanted to know:
It's a pink bird although it looks bright salmon in the golden light. The extra light on the underside of the bird came from the dodge tool. As I lightened it, the bird's colors became more intense. He looked bad when I tried desaturating him. Plus I remembered the moment as magical anyway, so instead of toning him down as I would normally do, I chose to pump up the saturation in the clouds to balance him out. I also stitched in part of a second photo to the right of the bird to give him more room to fly. It's my most Photoshopped image, but also a best seller. It still sells after 10 years and could have easily been entered in the "Made at least $2,000' critique.

Thanks for the tutorial. How long does it usually take to be notified?

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