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1.99 - "Needs Work" 

I was commissioned to create this image as a gift for a client

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Arvid Berg's picture

My car! :D

Matthew Teetshorn's picture

I like the concept and posing. Good environment. But it appears to me that the flash you used wasn't white balanced to the natural light in the scene which makes the car look a little like it was photoshopped in to place.

Darran Leaf's picture

Hi Matt, it was actually dark, everything is painted with light and I added the sky

Matthew Teetshorn's picture

Ahhhh, that explains the hard shadows I'm seeing in the trees. More technically impressive in that case, but I'd still say the light in the foreground is cooler than the light on the house.

Darran Leaf's picture

What would you recommend? CTO?

Matthew Teetshorn's picture

Yeah, probably a 1/4 or maybe a 1/2. It's not way off, and I could be crazy. It just pops a bit to my eye. You could probably do it in post even, maybe mask out the license plate, the silver accents on the car and hubcaps. That's where the tone seems the bluest to me.

If you tried it and it just got muddier, then you'd know I'm just seeing things.

Matthew Teetshorn's picture

I don't know if I can reply with an image, but I copied your photo to my PC and threw it into Affinity Photo and sampled stuff from around the image that was white or gray.

The white of the license plate shows a hue of 240 (blue), the silver on the hubcaps and by the gills on the side show 192 (cyan) and the weather sealing on the house shows 42 (yellow/orange).

I think a CTO and white balancing for the flash would bring the background up in line with everything else.

Darran Leaf's picture

Thanks Matt, I never really get that technical, prob about time I started to, could make a huge difference in my work