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3.17 - "Solid" 

Image for a white collar boxing event I created,

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Damien Harrison's picture

My guess (I may be wrong) is that this is a composite, a very good one at that. If not I would love to see your lighting diagram as this is really well lit.

Darran Leaf's picture

Hi Damien, yes it’s a composite I shot each fighter separately in the gym.

Walter Isenheim's picture

Nice! The only thing I can criticize is the woman with raised fists to the right, I wish the fists were not as high up but a little lower like the man to the right. Now they are up in the next man's face and my eyes are drawn there.

Darran Leaf's picture

Nahhh they are fine Walter, bear in mind none of these people are boxers so trying to get them to pose as one was hard enough as I’m not one either, I don’t think it would make much difference to the image if she lowered her hands as there is so many in it.

Walter Isenheim's picture

Don't get me wrong, I still think it's a awesome picture. I just thought it stands out when no one else in the picture has fists in his face. This is just my opinion, it's okay if you think I'm wrong.

Darran Leaf's picture

If i remember right that was the best usable shot I had of her, the rest of her poses weren’t that better