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Submit your best wedding photos for a chance to win one of two free Fstoppers tutorials.
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It's time to pull out your best wedding imagery to see how well it stacks up against the community and how you can be improving. We invite you to submit two of your favorite wedding images that you've taken to this weeks episode of Critique the Community. Twenty images will be selected and feedback will be provided in our next video. Of those twenty images, two entrants will win a free Fstoppers tutorial. The first tutorial will be won based on the community average rating of the image and the second wil be selected randomly. 

After you've submitted your own images, we invite you to look through all the other submissions and give ratings as well as helpful and encouraging critical feedback. The goal of this series is to help each other see how we can be improving our work and we encourage everyone to participate. 

  • Submission Deadline: Fri, 23 Nov 18 04:45:00 +0000

    This contest has ended.

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Wonder if a videogame screen grab will end up being rated.

That comment made me spit out my drink LOL

Michael, it's an interesting discussion for creating compelling imagery either way ;-).

For the next contest, I think it'd be interesting to do a straight from the camera with no post-processing contest. I know that CTC is generally about the professional use and viability but I think it'd be a good spin on things especially considering how heavily processed many of the photos shown in the videos have been as of late.

I think a "no photoshop" contest would be better. Processing the color and exposure is still "SOC" in my opinion since cameras are going to process those things differently based on brand or even model.

You can do a lot in LR though so it should be no editing at all and using lights to fill in a shot instead of raising shadows I think it would be fun challenge especially cause you can check the exif data to see if someone cheated

But people still have to open images in an editor to export them to jpegs.

You can set your camera to have raw+jpeg don't need to open anything

Assuming one will only use photos that haven't been captured yet and can adjust that setting. I shoot in only raw, so I don't have stray unedited jpegs stored away for a hypothetical internet photo challenge.

Long response for oh I didn't know I could shoot in jpeg and not have to open an editor

I assume your snappy comment means you have nothing notable left to add. You should have started with that and saved us some time. good bye.

Nonsense! Photography always has been a process. An editing software like Photoshop in our digitized world is just part of this process. Always photographers have been achieving different results based on their techniques, materials and...The funniest part of these kinds of discussions is people like you believe that there is something under the title of "pure photography" and it is equal to the raw file from the camera ))). I do not what to repeat and repeat explaining why this is not true even from theory, just suggest you "do not waste your time around these topics or campaigns"

I don't think photoshopped images are any less impressive, but I do think it is totally reasonable to have a genre of images that don't consist of photoshop retouching.

photoshopping to an extent is fine for fine art and manipulation.
But there are certain genres that should be left untouched.


I gotta say, I thought I'd give a lot more 4 stars than I did. I think I rated a total of 5-6 four star images. A lot of 3 star images though. What's interesting...the 4 star ratings I gave are almost all big environmental shots. Maybe a result that I stopped photographing people a couple years ago only to concentrate on landscape imagery.

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