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2.07 - "Needs Work" 

So this was shot in Saint Louis, MO. with a bride-to-be left days before the wedding. She decided to go through with these photos even though she knew she wasn't going to be married. The light was made dirtier by touching and rubbing it, my attempt to represent her sadness without creating artificial sadness. The same reason I decided to frame the bar's taps to the left because she's sad and needs a drink. I did attempt to make this an image that wouldn't look too special unless you knew the story.

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With the story, your whole image makes sense. But maybe more could be done to tell the story without needing the words.

That's more than fair. I think I should have moved those glasses, maybe a little less grain reduction and left it a little griddier. Hmm

Wow, your story explains so much here. "Left at the Bar", a new take at "Left at the Altar". This is a 4 my friend.