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1.46 - "Snap Shot" 

Last Dance

It was way past midnight and they were so tired, yet so content that it was simply bliss.

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White balance is the first thing that stands out to me. This photo could probably have the WB fixed quickly with a graduated filter. There's a lot of emotion in their faces, and I think a tighter crop on the couple rather than full-body would help emphasizing them. If you had wanted to go for the tighter crop when shooting, I think a lower angle to get more of that wall pattern behind them would also make an improvement. i'm not trying to give you a list of things wrong, I'm just giving you things to think about for next time to get those 3+ star shots.

Thanks, as a teacher I really appreciate teaching feedback =) . The truth is I had no extra photography lighting and I have a very basic DSLR that doesn't do well in high ISOs. If I crop, the result would be noise and poor quality. As for the wall - I literally cropped in to the top of it - that's as high as it goes, after that there was the exit sign and the door in the background. This is not professionally done for a job (I took it at a friend's wedding), but I wanted to get some feedback from the community, so thanks for the ideas =)