In-Depth Travel Photography Critique From a Professional Travel Photographer

To be a great travel photographer it requires more than just the ability to capture pretty photo — in fact, sometimes the photos don't have to be pretty at all. This is a long video, so grab a coffee/tea/beer, and prepare to absorb some quality knowledge from a professional travel and documentary photography.

Mitchell Kanashkevich describes himself as more than just a travel photographer; he's an adventurer, and it shows in his imagery. In this in-depth photo critique, Kanashkevich pores over the portfolios of three people, giving them guidance on where they can improve — we've linked the three photographers' portfolios, below. Perhaps what hit home most for me were his comments in regards to creating work that is personal, versus work that has mass appeal.

Door-lit portraits and expertly edited cityscapes are one thing, but if one really wants to tell the story of the people and culture of a particular place, one needs to be prepared to get past the picturesque cobbled streets, sweeping vistas, and towering monuments that so many have photographed before. Composition and light are still the main ingredients in taking quality images but real connection with people and culture is the key to capturing something evocative and unique.

Ferdinando Geremicca:

Valery Poshtarov:

Franca Levin:

Mike O'Leary's picture

Mike is a landscape and commercial photographer from, Co. Kerry, Ireland. In his photographic work, Mike tries to avoid conveying his sense of existential dread, while at the same time writing about his sense of existential dread. The last time he was in New York he was mugged, and he insists on telling that to every person he meets.

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I have been following Mitchell K. for a while, one of my favorite contemporary travel/cultural photographers

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