Did You Know That You’re Already a Sony Shooter?

According to Taylor Jackson, we're all Sony shooters, whether we like it or not. With the majority of today's cameras carrying Sony's imaging sensors, are we all becoming Sony shooters without even knowing it? 

Are You a Sony Photographer Already?

There's an interesting video from wedding photographer and educator Taylor Jackson, which makes an important point about why we're all Sony shooters, whether we like it or not.

In his video, Taylor points out that we may be unaware that cameras from many other manufacturers feature Sony's sensors. This is due in large part to the fact that Sony not only produces some of the most popular cameras themselves, but they also produce and sell the imaging sensors that are being used by other camera and imaging companies. 

Camera systems from Nikon, Fujifilm, Hasselblad, DJI, Phase One, and even the most popular camera on the planet, the Apple iPhone, all use Sony imaging sensors. That really shows the potential that Sony has to not only lead the world in imaging innovation itself, but to also act as a facilitator, allowing other camera companies that use its sensors to innovate. 

Keeping those considerations in mind, Taylor may be correct that the majority of us are already Sony shooters, whether we like it or not. Let's hope that Sony continues to learn from the trends and innovations that other camera companies are creating with its sensors and can implement similar innovations with its own cameras.

I'd really love to see open gate video recording, proper video assist features, internal ProRes video codecs, and more advanced AI features being brought to Sony's cameras. Adding these additional refinements and offering more consistent firmware updates are important areas of opportunity for Sony to stay top of mind in today's highly competitive creative landscape.

There's no question that Sony holds the power to influence how the world sees and creates images, but given that not everyone is aware that they also fuel much of the rest of the camera world with their imaging sensors, it's important for Sony to keep its commitment as the "tip of the spear" of innovation with their own cameras.

What are your thoughts on Sony sensors being in most of today's popular cameras? Share your thoughts in the comments below! 

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Reza is a professional photographer, cinematographer, and educator based in Seattle WA. He specializes in a variety of creative fields, including wedding photography, portrait photography, cinematography, and FAA Part 107 drone aerials. As an educator, Reza's aim is to produce compelling educational content that inspires and empowers creators.

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The Canon shooter would like to have a word about that. xD

This is true Arthur, and why Canon isn't on this list, since they use their own sensors.

Been shooting Nikon for almost two decades...most of the sensors are Sony. And with some of their cameras, Nikon actually produced lower noise from the same Sony sensor found in the most comparable Sony cameras.

It's super cool to see how other manufacturers tweak their sensors Patrick. Interesting to see the differences in noise, color, etc!

In the mid-2010s, working in the camera industry the running joke was, if you wanted the best out of a Sony sensor, shoot Nikon - this was because Sony's ergonomics and menus were so bad in comparison.

That's actually pretty funny Wasim! That may still be true today in some ways. Fujifilm is doing some amazing things with the stacked sensor of the X-H2S. I'm really hoping Sony brings some of those technologies into the Alpha lineup.

So does that mean my car is a Goodyear and not a Chevy?

it means that your Chevy is an Old intel 8088

Except for the M11 sensor, which is... a tweaked Sony sensor ;-)

I have used both Nikon and Sony and have found that the files from my Nikon is better in terms of editing and colour. Nice one Nikon.

Preferences aside, Nikon handles color processing in a different way than Sony, and have many more years of experience, it has to count for something. I'm just glad we have choices.

sony shooter here - and i say it doesn't matter at all. the camera is just a tool, like a hammer for a construction guy. it needs to work, and be reliable, nothing else. you can get any image done with any (equal) camera :) ! that's it.

Generally concur, tools do also vary in quality.

that's why i wrote "equal" cameras ;) no matter which manufacturer.

I shoot with a Sony camera but I never say I'm a Sony shooter. I call myself a photographer. Whatever parts are used in each camera brand really don't matter as long as you enjoy using it. Also the brand(s) you use really don't matter either as long as the camera and lenses help you to achieve your creative vision.

Well said Sam! The gear is just a means to an end with your creativity. It's all about bringing your vision to life, and using whatever tool can best help you achieve that ;)

Sensors are one thing. Camera handling, features, and menus are another. No doubt sony makes some of the best sensors on the market and have for years, but I never want to own a Sony body. To me Sony cameras are just frustrating to use. Well except the beast that is the Sony A99. That thing was pretty rad.

There's definitely something to be said about user experience and handling Chris! It's fun to see how different cameras take Sony sensors and wrap their own philosophies around them. Prime example is the analog feel and meandering usability of Fujifilm cameras. They are clearly using state-of-the-art Sony sensor technologies in cameras like the X-H2S, but the way it's implemented is completely different.

Why be worried with details like color science or noise processing, when you can have a clickbait description. And I guess the video is invisible to Canon shooters. Apologies for the excessive sarcasm.

I’m a Canon shooter, but Sony make great sensors. If I had to switch , I would buy a Nikon , because they make nice cameras around Sony sensors.