'How to Be Creative: How an Artist Turns Pro': Inspiring Video for All Creatives

Have you ever heard of the poem by Charles Bukowski that questions what it means to be a creative, and how to answer to that calling you have within? Are we supposed to listen to Bukowski’s poem when we consider becoming a photographer or taking our photography pro? This video starts off with the poem. Bukowski was a writer, but the insight can be applied to all creative professions. Have you ever had a day where you just had no creative voice within you? It’s happened to me, and after this video, I don’t feel so bad about it. No one can be switched “on” al the time. We need to let the creative juices come as they want to. 

Turning pro isn’t about making money. It’s rather a philosophy of answering to yourself and your being and what you as a living entity add to the world for others to experience. No pressure, but let’s face it, sight is the sense we use for most of our daily lives, and by being a photographer or if you are producing videos, you basically say that you want to provide experiences especially for that sense.

Stephen King writes six pages per day. I think routine can be the answer to some degree. A quote from the video states that the amateur waits for inspiration and that the pro knows it will come as soon as you start working. The advice I am taking from the video is to not succumb to the resistance and just start doing the work you know answers to your truth.

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Brilliant video. Now time to get to work ;)

Chelsey Rogers's picture

I really love this video, makes you think! Glad you shared it :)

Simon Patterson's picture

Good video. Well presented. I agree with two thirds of that.

Justin Ellis's picture

On point - I stumbled into this Professional season of my career because I was so busy - I didn't have time to think, or reflect but to just react. Then I would take quick notes on where I was disappointed and do it better next time. Great share. Thanks.