AquaTech Brings Trustworthy Waterproof Housings to the Sub-$1000 Range

AquaTech Brings Trustworthy Waterproof Housings to the Sub-$1000 Range

Those of us who have looked into underwater photography have all experienced the same sticker shock when it comes to underwater housings. Often well above $1,000, these housings can be more expensive than the cameras we're putting into them. Plus, for the most part, we have to get a new housing if we get a new camera. AquaTech's latest $995 Base Sport models bring relative affordability for which we can be grateful.

The AquaTech Base Sport underwater housings are the new base model for the popular underwater gear company. It's still unclear what the Base model lacks that the pricier models do not. Regardless, it still seems feature-packed with the standard 10-meter/33-foot depth rating, pistol grip with two separate focus and shutter release buttons, quick release safety clips, a P65 lens port for some popular lenses, a camera-specific back plate for proper alignment within the housing, and compatibility with all of AquaTech's accessories including flash housings, etc.

Currently, the Base series underwater housings come in models compatible with the Canon 5D Mark II, Canon 5D Mark III, Canon 7D, Canon 7D Mark II, Canon 70D, Canon 80D, Rebel T6i/T6s (750D/760D), Nikon D810/D800, Nikon D750, Nikon D610/D600, Nikon D7200, Nikon D5500, and the Sony A7II, A7SII, and A7RII cameras.

Check out B&H for pre-order links for all the above models. And let us know if the new prices are enough to get you and your gear into the water!

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Tom Lew's picture

my gosh. going scuba diving in Thailand in 3 weeks. Wish the timing could be different

Photo Kaz's picture

I can't remember ever doing a dive to just 10m :\
I don't see this being useful for divers at all.

I'd love something like this but I'm curious what makes this <$1,000 version different from their $2,000 version, obviously. (Also, why no love for the 1Dx or 6D??) But I'd very much consider getting one at this price.

EDIT: From the product description on AquaTech's website. TL;DR is that you can't control the settings, you can only access focus and shutter.

"The Base Water Housing is perfect option for those who are looking to shoot without the need for camera controls, looking for an entry point to water photography or cinematography, happy to preset or let the camera automate the correct settings required or happen to be working to a budget and need a simple and effective solution to allow aquatic images and video to be captured. The Base Water Housing comes with a P-65 Lens Port and a 2 Button Pistol Grip Trigger included so you are ready to jump straight into the water and start shooting."

Phil Gallagher's picture

Hello Caleb, This is an entry-level option or a lower price point option for those who are happy to shoot with pre set camera setting or shoot in aperture priority, shutter priority or even program. The 1Dx / D4/D5 bodies are far to large for this housing and we may just have to add the Canon 6D due to popular demand. Hopefully this helps shed some light on the product.

Thanks for sharing the news Adam / Fstoppers.

Understandable — thanks for the info. I'd love to get my hands on one of your housings eventually!

Christian Gloor's picture

I think USD 1000 for a waterproof housing that has absolutely no control whatsoever, except for the shutter is largely over priced. You can get a fully functional housing for your camera, much deeper rated for not much more money.
Also, keep in mind that this only houses your camera. Each lens you want to mount will require a specific port that will come at premium price.

Phil Gallagher's picture

This product has been designed so you can focus and fire through the pistol grip. With the right camera setup pre loading into the housing you can truly nail some fantastic results. Most professionals will require controls and we understand this and hence the other product options in the range. This kit actually offers a great deal of savings over purchasing individual items. This kit also comes with a standard flat port for short length lenses and yes extra ports are an additional cost but not as expensive as you think. For example the P-100 Lens Port ($195) can accommodate if you are a Canon shooter the following lenses, 24mm f/1.4, 35mm f/1.4, 50mm f/1.2, 85mm, 1.2, 17-40mm f/4 and the list goes on. We hope this helps explain the products a little more.

Felix Wu's picture

No control settings? No thanks. Can't call that a photographer's tool. ; )

Sure you can. You just have to get them set beforehand, or shoot in aperture priority.

Travis Alex's picture

Fuck...Yes...I just got my a7rii so this is PERFECT.

Dylan Rives's picture

I wish they made a Leica Q housing!

Photo Kaz's picture

10m only? No wonder it's sub $1000. Useful for surf as shown, maybe playing around in your bathtub.

Chris Collins's picture

33 feet is basically a snorkling or swimming pool version. This wont cut it for diving.

Phil Newton's picture

Love to see a review of one of these from the fstoppers team. Would be heaps of fun to hire one for the weekend, throw on some fins and get amongst the longboarders!!

Klaus Stiefel's picture

A housing for high-end SLRs with only very few functions accessible? That does not sound very convincing to me. 10 m depth rating? Most people I know can free dive deeper than that.

f-stoppers, I think you need a dedicated underwater photo writer. Look at my work here please:

nice gear, but.. if I get this Base no controls housing, could I in a future upgrade the back plate to one with controls? What would be that price?