This Carbon Fiber Tripod From Our Favorite Brand Is Half Off Today

This Carbon Fiber Tripod From Our Favorite Brand Is Half Off Today

A good carbon fiber tripod will last you years and help save your back with its light weight that still provides strong support to keep your gear safe. Today only, you can purchase a carbon fiber tripod from our favorite brand for half off.

We tested Benro tripods against some fairly expensive options from other brands, and we came away quite impressed by how well the Benro balanced quality you could trust to put a camera on with price. Today only, you can get the FIF19CIB0 Carbon Fiber Transfunctional iFoto Series 1 Tripod Kit for half off, bringing the price to $169, making it an even better deal. Since it's carbon fiber, it's very lightweight, weighing only 3.1 lbs, which makes it great for trips or extended hikes where every bit of weight is a factor. It extends to a maximum height of 57.7 inches, has a load capacity of 17.6 lbs, has five-sections legs with three angles (23, 55, and 80°), a detachable monopod leg, and comes with an IB0 ball head. If you're looking for a light, high quality option that won't break the bank, it's an excellent option. Get yours here.

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Excellent tripod!

B&H reviews say it's good for mirrorless or small DSLR. Have you tried it with something larger like a Nikon D810?

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I have the Promaster branded version of this tripod. I use it with my D810 and D750's when I travel. Even works great with a 70-200 f/2.8. Not as solid as a nice large tripod but great for it's size. Hang something from the center of the tripod to stabilize it, it's really light. The monopod feature is fantastic. Also, if you remove the push button release for the QR plate, (just a single screw and it slides right out), it'll work great with arca-swiss/RRS clamp style mounts.

Thanks! I'm confused about the plate. Are you saying I need to replace the clamp with an arca-swiss clamp?

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Sorry to be confusing. Works fine with the QR plate it comes with, nothing to replace or change. Just meant that with a simple modification the clamp is Acra-swiss compatible as well. Nothing to buy or swap out. I have Wimberley P-5 plates on the bottom of my bodies and similar plates on the feet of my lenses. My larger tripod uses these and the fact that this little guy can work with them is a bonus.

Okay. The one thing I get along with each new camera is a RRS Arca-Swiss L-Plate. It's non-negotiable. :-)

I use it with a 5dmkiii and a 24-70 most of the time. No weight issues that I've experienced.

I went back and forth on it but still concerned about the capacity. It's listed at 13.2 lbs. which is the same as a Sirui I had, and sold, due to stability concerns (I'm a bit anal). In the end, I decided against it but due to momentum, went ahead and ordered an Oben AT-3586 which lists capacity at 27 lbs. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

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I get it, lot of $$$ sitting up there. Need to be 100% sure of it. The Oben looks like a nice beefier version. Hope it works well!

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Check out the site The Center Column - A great review / educational resource. Changed how I look at tripods.

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I own the MeFoto version and I like it. Mine is the Globetrotter Carbon and I use it with my Canon 5D Mark IV + Canon 300mm F2.8L IS II and it's perfect. Lock well, light and I really enjoy the fact that you can remove one leg and have monopod.

In the end, no matter how small or light, it’s carrying the tripod that makes them a hassle to use. That being the case, when I know I will be using a tripod, I will continue using sturdier tripods like my Benro TMA48CL Long Series 4 Mach3 (with Arca-Swiss Monoball P0). It as a fantastic tripod. For all other occasions, IBIS and higher ISO will do.