Current Deals: Sales on DJI Phantom, 3 TB Western Digital & More

Current Deals: Sales on DJI Phantom, 3 TB Western Digital & More

Some great deals through B&H have been brought to our attention at Fstoppers and we wanted to take a moment and share the love. If you're looking to add some serious fun to your summer B&H is having a massive sale on phantom quadcopter bundles. These new quadcopters are completely unlike the one your dad got you in the 90s that took off too fast and crashed into oncoming traffic. They're steady, fast and great at grabbing aerial shots. Alongside the quadcopters B&H is providing great deals on storage, refurbished camera bodies and they're now selling...

The Fuji X-T1 Mirrorless Digital Camera; don't act like you're not excited. According to my colleague Austin Rogers, this highly anticipated camera body is available in limited quantities on pre-order and the camera body plus a 18-55mm lens is available now.


Quadcopter bundles up to $490 off!

3Tb WD External Hard Drive $99.99

Nikon D800 Refurb Body $2,399.95

Nikon D610 Refurb Body $1,749.95

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That's a good deal for the WD external. Be very careful with their internal Red 3TB 6gbs NAS drives. I had one fail within 2 months of installing it and lost 10 years of advertising design work. It was my new design backup and archive drive. I am too scared to try the new one they sent me.