Fujifilm X-E1 Digital Camera Hitting Store Shelves

Fujifilm X-E1 Digital Camera Hitting Store Shelves

Last week we showed you some leaked images of a new Fujifilm camera, and those images have come to fruition in the now available for pre-order Fujifilm X-E1! Oh, and it has a viewfinder. Get it in all black, or with a little silver for style.

About the new X-E1:

"The X-E1 Digital Camera (Black) from Fujifilm is the latest Fujifilm mirrorless camera. With a classic design, magnesium alloy build and completely state-of-the-art digital technology, the XE-1 will soon be a favorite among all levels of photographers from pros to enthusiasts.

The sensor on the X-E1 is Fujiflm's 16.3MP APS-C X-Trans CMOS sensor and the image processor is the EXR Processor Pro. The DSLR-sized X-Trans utilizes a unique color filter pixel array that eliminates a low pass filter and reduces moiré and false colors, resulting in exceptionally true-to-life color images, low noise and high resolution that other sensors with optical low-pass filters cannot approach. The EXR processor delivers high-performance, especially in terms of auto-focus speeds.

Fuji has created a unique lens mount for the X-series cameras. With a 10-pin data bus, the lens instantly sends information to the camera body through the lens mount, meaning fewer adjustments to be made by the photographer and more time spent shooting. The reinforced mount is only 2.5mm thick, which contributes to the slim profile of the X-E1. The short flange and wide opening of the X-mount means that the lens elements are as close as possible to the sensor and will achieve high resolution even at the edges and corners of the sensor.

"An incredibly high resolution 2.36 million dot OLED electronic viewfinder with a built-in diopter is provided for eye-level composition and a 2.8" 460K dot rear LCD monitor for composition and playback is available as well. The EVF has a double aspheric lens element that offers faithful reproduction of focus, exposure, white balance and film simulation effects and has a high contrast ration of 1:5000. The LCD monitor has a special anti-reflective coating that reduces glare when viewing in bright sunlight and is water and stain resistant.

Thanks to improved contrast detection, the X-E1 can autofocus in as fast as 0.1 seconds and continuous high- speed shooting of up to 6 frames per second will allow you to capture fast-moving subjects whether they be newsworthy or simply to send to grandma. To guarantee that you never miss the action, QuickStart Mode provides a camera start-up time as short as 0.5 seconds.

Speaking of grandma, she will love the movies you can create with the X-E1's video capability. Shoot with Full HD 1080p and record in stereo sound for videos that can be screened on HDTV or right on the LCD monitor. A jack for an external microphone is also provided to record sound at professional grade.

As always, image quality is at the heart of Fujifilm's mission and to that, the X-E1 provides both JPG and RAW file shooting with in-camera RAW processing, TTL 256 Zones exposure control and ISO capabilities that range from 100-25,600. And Fujifilm, respecting their own legacy, offers something no other digital camera maker does -- Film Simulation Modes. You can set your X-E1 to produce images that simulate the tone and color qualities of the great Fuji films, like Velvia or PROVIA. If for example, you want rich saturated colors, choose Velvia and if you want silky textures and beautiful skin tones, set your camera to ASTIA.

"The classic design of the X-E1 is not just a matter of nostalgia. The manual aperture ring, the exposure and shutter speed dials and electronic viewfinder prioritize photography, provide for quick operation and return us to an era when the camera was king."

You can pre order the cameras now in all black, or with a little silver for a cool $1000.

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Cool stuff! What pluses does this camera have over my X100, versus higher ISO and detachable lenses?

I'm not certain it's designed to replace the X100. I think it's just a different option. 

Hmm, more expensive then I thought it was going to be, but then again - cheaper than a Leica M8 and more full featured than a Canon EOS M. Now if this could do focus peaking within the EVF, that would be interesting!

RE Matthew Hogan: I imagine that if you wanted the equivalent of a 35mm Summicron as a one-lens setup, the X100 would be hard to beat.

16.3MP, better sensor, interchangeable lenses, OLED Electronic viewfinder with more nearly twice the dots, hot shoe, 1920 x 1080 HD video vs 1280 x 720 HD (X100) to name a few differences.

american dusk's picture

"With a 10-pin data bus, the lens instantly sends information to the camera body through the lens mount, meaning fewer adjustments to be made by the photographer and more time spent shooting. "

what do the other lenses do? write home? send courier pigeons? signal with smoke?

Ha! This made me laugh. Leave it to marketing with no clue about anything to direct our attention to something insignificant (from photographer pov).