Don't Miss These Amazing Deals on Nikon Cameras, Sigma Art Lenses, and More

Don't Miss These Amazing Deals on Nikon Cameras, Sigma Art Lenses, and More

Right now, B&H is running some awesome specials on Nikon cameras, Sigma Art lenses, and more. Now is a great time to pick up some new gear!


  • Nikon: Right now, you can save up to $1,460 on Nikon bodies and kits for its most popular cameras, including the D500, D750, and D810. There are 24 bodies and kits on sale; check them all out here.
  • Sony: The majority of Sony cameras are on sale as well, including some free accessories with certain kits and savings of up to $400. Check out all 34 Sony deals here.
  • Panasonic: B&H is offering a free extended warranty on the GH5 and a $500 discount on the GH4, along with many other deals. Check out all 18 Panasonic camera deals here.


  • Sigma: Many of Sigma's best lenses are on sale, including most of the popular Art series. Check out all 65 deals here.
  • Sony: Some of Sony's most popular lenses have great discounts. Check out all 16 of them here.
  • Panasonic: If you picked up the new GH5 or the still very capable GH4, now is a great time to get a complement of lenses. Check out the 27 deals here.


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Taylor Green's picture

How good of a deal is the Nikon D750 body for $1496? Are my Nikkor DX 35mm 1.8 & 50mm 1.8 compatible with the full-frame D750?

Ryan Cooper's picture

The DX 35mm would "work" on a D750 but would have severe vignetting because it is designed for a cropped sensor. You would probably be cropping out half the image in post as it is just useless.

The 50mm 1.8 would work fine, it is designed for full frame.

As for how good the deal is, its basically 25% off. My guess would be they are marking down the 810 and 750 like crazy because they are about to refresh them. Both are due for it. Whether you would prefer to get a 750 for 25% off now or wait for its replacement at full price is entirely up to you. The 750 is an amazing camera though so I'd say you can't really go wrong with it.

Cris Franco's picture

That's a great camera for that price. As long as the DX 35mm is the ED model, you'll be good to go. I have the non-ED model and it works fine up to about f4 then in vignettes a lot. The 50mm 1.8G works fine on the D750.