Fantastic Deals From B&H for Green Monday, With Camera Bundles up to $500 Off

Fantastic Deals From B&H for Green Monday, With Camera Bundles up to $500 Off

There have been some fantastic deals available in the run-up to Christmas and B&H has some great offerings on Green Monday, with bundles such as $400 off on a Sony a6500, and $500 off the Canon EOS R.

B&H has a tasty list of offerings today. The best camera bundles typically feature a small bag and a fairly decent SD card, such as the SanDisk Extreme Pro 128gb 170MB/s card included in the Canon EOS R bundle, a memory card that typically retails for just under $40.

A similar offer is available for the Sony a6500, packing in a 64gb SD card and a spare battery. With the plethora of APS-C options available from Sony right now (a5100, a6000, a6100, a6300, a6400, a6500, a6600), you’d be forgiven for feeling a little confused about what would make the best choice, so you may want to check out this useful video from Jason Vong that runs you through the lineup.

The deal on the Nikon D850 bundle is rather spectacular. Just under $2,800 buys you the camera, a 64gb SD card, and a 4tb Western Digital external hard drive. 

There are plenty of other bundles available, including this Canon 5D Mark IV with various accessories for just $2,499. If you’re looking for card readers, lenses, instant cameras, tripods, flashes, and adapters, be sure to check out the full list by clicking here.

What will you be buying? Leave a comment below.

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Sounds good ... But still, I'm glad I bought the Nikon Z6 a few weeks ago ☺️