Fire Sale: The Canon EOS M is Only $299

If you've been on the fence regarding the EOS M, now might be the time to jump off. Canon has discounted the bejeezus out of it, dropping the price by 50%. Since Canon has recently updated the firmware to help with the slow auto focus, this camera is even more of a bargain today. You might not want to think about this one too long, as B&H is surely to run out of stock any time now. EOS M is $299

If they do sell out of the Black model, you can see if the white version is still in stock, as the sale applies to it too.

What this means is that Canon is likely preparing to release a new version of the M sometime in the very near future. I can't imagine any other reason to drop the price so drastically.

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Spy Black's picture

Discontinued as soon as they sell off all that stale stock...

Josh_Ellis's picture

Yeah, they're definitely getting rid of as many M's as they can before they announce the mirrorless camera with the 70D's sensor tech. Glad to see Canon attempting real innovation in the mirrorless range! I may hold off on pulling the m4/3 trigger after all.

Mansgame's picture

Turns out people aren't crazy about buying a whole new set of lenses for a slightly smaller camera.

Josh Gassmann's picture

I bought one with the Adapter! Perfect solution to my small Flycam problem, AF while flying and way lighter than flying my 7D.