Get a Crazy Deal on the Nikon D810

Get a Crazy Deal on the Nikon D810

The Nikon D810 is still an ultra-popular choice for Nikon shooters and for good reason. It's an awesomely versatile, high-resolution options that many portrait, wedding, and landscape photographers carry in their bags. Right now, you can pick up your own for 33 percent off!

6th Ave. Express (99.2 percent positive feedback) is currently selling the D810 for $1,879, an almost $1,000 savings from the standard price of $2,796. They do warn that they are a gray market seller, which means that Nikon is not obligated to honor the warranty of the camera, but they do offer their own one-year warranty as part of the purchase. If you're in the market for one, you likely won't see a better price than this. Get it here.

As always, if you'd prefer to purchase from an authorized retailer, you can purchase the D810 with a full Nikon warranty here.

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Alex Cooke is a Cleveland-based portrait, events, and landscape photographer. He holds an M.S. in Applied Mathematics and a doctorate in Music Composition. He is also an avid equestrian.

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It's crazy you can buy this camera for less than 2k

ugh, if i didn't just buy a Nikon 24 T/S id be all over this

Has anyone had a really bad experience with a gray market camera???

I have 2 gray market D750's, work just as advertised. Nikon even did recall repair on one of them.

I've purchased 2 gray market/Imported Canon cameras and had no issues with either them. I was even able to register them in Canon's CPS program. But for some reason, I couldn't register my 17-40 lens with them. But I've not had any issues with either of them.

My D810 and a few lenses were all purchased brand new from a grey market retailer. I've had no issues getting service from the official Nikon service centre in Hong Kong. I can remember googling the serial number once and I think mine was a USA model.

The whole Grey market thing kind of pisses me off. I'm not sure Nikon USA's complete stance on servicing grey market (they have repaired mine before) but now that I travel a lot I can easily see myself buying a DSLR from a different market. Maybe Nikon USA will honor more services to grey market cameras if you have a receipt from that country but when you boil it all down, it's still their product and you should be able to service it regardless where you bought it from (if an authorized dealer).

My first DSLR a Nikon D80 was a Grey market camera and no problems and my current Nikon D750 is Grey Market and so far no problems, my Nikon D750 even registered on Nikon's website so they may even honour the warranty.
As long as you buy from a reputable retailer all should be good and you save yourself some cash :-)

What happens if you live in Germany, but a Nikon d810 and in less than a year you decide to relocate to the USA? Does that makes your camera to be a grey market camera? Think about it, calling an item "grey market" just to justify a negation for service it's a scam!

I totally agree and just commented about this above. I'm not exactly sure what they would do but my hope is that if they see you bought it while living/traveling in that market then you should be able to get it serviced. Really you should always be able to get it serviced. They should just charge an extra $50 if it bothers them that much. At the end of the day it's still a product make by Nikon.

nice price

Great price, and I want the camera. It sounds like folks have had no issues with Grey market gear, but I just called my local camera shop (in Baltimore) and they tell me Nikon won't service the camera if it's Grey market... makes me nervous to pull the trigger and buy this camera.

I'd look into it a bit more. Do your camera shop also sell products? I used to work at a camera store and we were always told to scare the customer into not buying grey market or even from another US store (we had our own rip off service policy; to be fair though, sometimes the policy did completely replace a camera too).

I know a lot of 3rd party repair centers in the US will service grey market cameras.