Huge 70% Discount on Comodo Orbit Handheld Stabilization Rig - $900 Off

Huge 70% Discount on Comodo Orbit Handheld Stabilization Rig - $900 Off

B&H is offering a pretty hefty discount on the Comodo Orbit Handheld Stabilization Rig at $900 off their normal price. The unit normally has a whopping price tag of $1,299. The Orbit is designed to carry up to 11 pounds, meaning it works will with just about every DSLR/lens combination and most light to medium weight camcorders.

The Comodo Orbit is great for steadicam shots with a twin grip gimbal stabilization system. This helps smooth out any camera shake when moving around your subject. The dual grip design offers a uniquely helpful feature to operators as it allows the camera can be passed from person to person without much trouble. Check out this sample from Comodo Rigs to see how smooth the shots can be in a dynamic environment.

One feature the Orbit has that isn't common in other stabilizers is the ability to control the tilt of the camera. By using their thumbs, the operator can shift the tilt up and down for low or high angle shots.

Balancing the camera takes no extra weights or motors. Instead, all adjustments are made using vertical and horizontal knob adjustments on the top of the unit and back of the cameras mounting platform. Larger cameras might require an extension arm to help balance it along the pivot axis.

If you've been looking for a professional grade stabilizer, this might be your opportunity to get in on a pretty fantastic deal. If you want some more info on the product, check out our full Fstoppers review.

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Sky Neary's picture

Pretty sure they couldn't sell any of these at the "regular" price due to it basically being the same cost of the new Ronin and it offering way more stability lol

Sadly the promo video doesn't even appear to be very smooth.

Ricky Perrone's picture

holy cow, they are not doing themselves any favors with that video.

Tam Nguyen's picture

I could fly a steadicam with better end result.