Huge Discount on Apple’s Pro Apps for Students

Huge Discount on Apple’s Pro Apps for Students

In a smart move from Apple, they’ve opted to compete with Adobe for the hearts of students. For $199, you’ll be able to pick up $630 worth of software. Here’s how it works.

If you’re a student, teacher, or faculty, you’ll qualify for the bundle, which includes Final Cut Pro X, Logic Pro X, Motion 5, Compressor 4, and MainStage 3. This includes anybody in K-12 and higher education. Unfortunately, the deal will not span outside of the United States. While Apple provides discounts for education globally, like universities purchasing in bulk, they’re asking for an address within the US this time around.

I could see this being pretty popular with students, and it could lead to a lot more graduates using Apple’s software over Adobe in the future. The largest plus is that there’s no monthly fee. After that $199, the software is yours to keep, unlike Adobe’s $19.99 a month (which eventually goes up by $5). That means that you’ll pay $240 a year for Adobe’s Creative Cloud, $40 more than Apple’s one-time charge.

Then again, Adobe is providing a lot more in that situation. They’ll host your website on Business Catalyst (five of them actually), give you cloud storage, and you’ll have access to more applications that span further than Apple’s suite. Also, Adobe is still reaching a global audience of students (not to mention PC users), something Apple’s refusing to do at the moment. As a result, I’m not sure this will really put a dent in Adobe’s sales.

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You’ll need to prove you’re a student, of course. It’s possible that they’re being very relaxed about that, but I wouldn’t take my chances. It says in their fine print that they retain the right to charge you the extra $430 if they realize you’re not eligible for the education discount.

Above all, it’s wonderful to see, and it may encourage universities to include Final Cut and Logic in their programs. Whether that’s a good thing may be in the eye of the student. This should also come in handy for any students that have bought the new Macbook Pro, expecting it to chew through 4K footage in Premiere Pro. Luckily, the laptop usually isn’t half bad when used with Final Cut Pro X. Head here to get the discount.

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Peter Brody's picture

A shame on Apple that Aperture could not be part of that package. Unfortunately, like the macOS and iOS these days, those apps are also probably bug ridden.

Adam Peariso's picture

Aperture is an EOL product, unfortunately.

Peter Brody's picture

Yes, I know.

Rob Mynard's picture

I'm a musician and about a year ago moved my studio to using Logic Pro X, it's an excellent program and very stable.

Robin Férand's picture

Available outside of USA since today I think.

Adam Peariso's picture

Correct, 30 different countries.

Stephen Kampff's picture

Wonderful news!