Huge Savings on Canon 5D Mk III and 6D!

Huge Savings on Canon 5D Mk III and 6D!

Canon is now offering a $400 dollar mail in rebate on the 5DmkIII and 6D! This includes a lens (6D only), an inkjet printer, paper and a 64GB sandisk memory card! How cool is that? If you were looking for a printer to go along with the awesome new DSLR you were thinking of buying, this is definitely the deal for you! See more info on these deals in the links below!

Canon 6D and 24-105mm + Extras

Canon 5D mk III (body only) + Extras

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Note this is for US only

Shipping the printer overseas could cost a bomb.

Shipping costs are always as an extra cost. However as this is a Canon USA offer, they give a American Express Reward Voucher when you send the whole form back, and the offer is only valid for US residents... important as FSTOPPERS has loads of non US readers :)

I Think FSTOPPERS have more readers from ohter Countrys(im self from Switzerland/Europe) as from the USA.

I ALWAYS avoid the "mail in rebate" deals, no matter how tempting they seem to be....
So damned many offers, and so damned many rebate REJECTIONS now. Just is not worth it.
Give me money off at time or purchase or F*@K-off

Only a good deal if you
a: Live in the United States and
b: were planning on buying canons lowest, "high end" printer anyway
c: trust that you'll actually get the $400 rebate

Using an SD card in a 5dmk3 - no way since it slows down the write/buffer speed so much.

They should offer the 6D body only with that rebate. It would sell quite well.