Major Price Drop on the Canon C300 Mk II, C100 Mk II, and Cine-Servo Lens

Major Price Drop on the Canon C300 Mk II, C100 Mk II, and Cine-Servo Lens

In case you spent your holiday weekend grilling food with friends or hanging out on a boat to celebrate America's Birthday, you may have missed that Canon lowered the retail price on two of their hottest video cameras for professionals: the Canon C300 Mark II and the Canon C100 Mark II.

While the biggest price drop comes in for the Canon 17-120mm Cine-Servo lens at $5,000, most folks are taking notice of the $4,000 instant savings now being offered on the Canon C300 MkII, taking it from $16,000 to $12,000.


Just a quick reminder of the killer specs on the C300:

  • Super 35mm CMOS Sensor
  • 4K internally, with simultaneous proxy recording
  • Canon EF or PL mount
  • Dual Pixel AF
  • 120fps at 1080p
  • 10-bit 4:2:2 at 4K, 4:4:4 at 1080p
  • 15 stops of DR (as advertised)

I've long considered $16,000 to be rather steep for this camera body, since that puts it into RED territory, but with this newly discounted pricing, it's a much more competitive option. Sony FS7 users have been enjoying in-camera 4K with decent range, and lots of features for filmmakers, for only $8,000, so the C300 is still 50 percent more in terms of cost compared to that.

If 4K isn't something you're after, the Canon C100 Mark II had its price lowered from $5,500 to $4,000, and it's a great option for a fully featured HD camera system. Like the C300, it's a bit more expensive than some of its competitors out there, but having personally shot with it, I can tell you that it's a robust camera with a great image, and is worth it if you need top-notch HD footage.

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Mike Wilkinson is an award-winning video director with his company Wilkinson Visual, currently based out of Lexington, Kentucky. Mike has been working in production for over 10 years as a shooter, editor, and producer. His passion lies in outdoor adventures, documentary filmmaking, photography, and locally-sourced food and beer.

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Too little too late, the C300 mkii should've launched at this price. Maybe if it did 4k60p though

Still to much, the specs for the fs7 kill that camera and it's still more of a cost.

I think the c100 should be around 1900 and the c300 should be around 5k

This is what Canon does. They overprice their gear until the number of people who will pay the high prices have dried up then lower the prices to get even more people on board. Smart business really.

Still rocking the C100 MK I with the Atoms Ninjas and loving em. Upgrade Schmuckgrade