Nikon Will Pay the Sales Tax on Your Next Purchase from B&H

In an interesting promotion that began as a rumor earlier this week, Nikon has decided to help you stick it to the man by picking up the tab on your sales tax for your next purchase from B&H.

The new promotion was in effect last Thursday, according to Nikon Rumors, but wasn't made official by Nikon until recently.

The Nikon "We Pay Your Sales Tax" promo is available for most popular items. It seems to include a fairly long list of DSLRs, mirrorless bodies, lenses and accessories. Notably absent among the applicable gear is the flagship D4s and most f/1.4 G series lenses. The 58mm f/1.4 F does make the list, however. Still, it's nice to catch a break on a 70-200mm or any assortment of f/1.8 G lenses if you live in a state that requires sales tax for online transactions.

There's no indication as to how long this promotion will be available, but for now grabbing a discount equal to your sales tax is at least an excuse to do more shopping without having to leave home. That could be a good thing or a bad thing depending on how strongly you feel about frequenting the often-forgotten local camera shop.


It appears this deal was as short-lived as it was mysterious. Nikon and BH have pulled the page where it was listed. Maybe next time?

[Via Nikon Rumors]

Screenshot of Nikon's "We Pay Your Sales Tax" promotion at B&H.
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Nathan Hamler's picture

I don't pay sales tax ANYWAY at B&H....and i'm pretty sure no one else does unless they live in New York.....??? I guess a discount EQUAL to the sales tax still benefits everyone....but B&H vs my local camera store is always a no brainer if price is sales tax from B&H....

Adam Sparkes's picture

Correct Nathan, It should work for anyone ... buuuuut. It looks like the page with the deal is already gone!? Looking into it now, but this one might be over before it started :-/

Ian Ludwig's picture


Ralph Hightower's picture

I didn't pay sales tax when I bought my Canon 5D Mk III kit at B&H. I'm supposed to report that on my state tax return, but nobody does that. Now, if I bought something at their retail store, I would probably have to pay NY & NYC sales tax.

Patrick Hall's picture

Just a heads up guys, you DO have to pay the "use" tax on anything you purchase online that is shipped out of state to you. Use tax is the same as sales tax but collected at the location a tangible product is delivered.

Now some of you are saying that you don't have to pay this and it is true that if you buy stuff online for personal use, there is a very slim chance your states department of Revenue will audit your personal accounts. BUT, if you buy gear for your photography business and write off those purchases, which everyone who reads this website should be doing, the state will DESTROY you if and when they audit you and find you have not paid any use tax on your online purchases.

Depending on the amount of your purchases, you could owe $500 - $10,000 in back sales tax plus penalties. I have known photographers who have gone out of business the second they were audited and these unpaid taxes were discovered. Do not, I repeat, DO NOT purchase camera gear online without paying state taxes if you are going to write off those purchases against your photography business income.

Ralph Hightower's picture

You pros have additional avenues to write off the expenses of doing business. Y'all can depreciate gear used in your business. As an enthusiast, the IRS and state would go after me if I claimed deductions for a business that continually lost money year after year.

Patrick Hall's picture

You should at least get a business going if you are buying say $10-20k worth of gear. It's common for a business to lose money the first 2-3 years of being in business and so many business go out of business all together. I would get a business license and attempt to make it profitable even as an enthusist for the tax break. If you fail at least got some gear written off

Grant Watkins's picture

Patrick is 100% correct. I pay "use" sales tax on all my purchase online. I'm in Kansas and you have to pay for the sales tax.

Grant Watkins's picture

Patrick is 100% correct. I pay "use" sales tax on all my purchase online. I'm in Kansas and you have to pay for the sales tax.

Michael Kormos's picture

Quite a few people live in New York, my friend. And you're still responsible for paying out-of-state sales tax on your income tax return. It's an honor system, you know?

Michael Hickey's picture

Is it even possible or legal to pay other people's taxes? The act of paying someone else's taxes creates MORE taxable income for the recipient.

Alice Avenne's picture

Try to look up how much VAT we pay here in europe, you're in for a shock. I wish Nikon would pay our tax as it can range from 15% to 35% in europe. You americans are so lucky.