Save Up to $1,400 on a MacBook Pro Today Only

The MacBook Pro continues to be the computer of choice for many creative professionals. Today only, you can take up to $1,400 off select models. 

B&H is having quite the sale on 2017 15.4" MacBook Pros today, with many models discounted. If you're in the market for a new computer, it's a great time to consider picking one up. All come with a 2,880 by 1,800 Retina display. The discounted models include:

It's rare to see discounts this deep, so if you've been waiting to purchase a new MacBook, take a look at today's deals. 

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Dominic James's picture

Perhaps you should add a cravat to your ‘promotional’ discount article that these ‘era’ MacBook Pro’s are the ones that have had a lot of issues with bad quality parts and build and hence the reason they are selling them cheap is no one wants them!

Bjarne Solvik's picture

I bought a second hand 2016 and straight had to bring to service to replace keyboard - for free. Then I reinstalled OS and found the screen had issues in a corner. Must get it replaced, hopefully under warranty obligate five years in Norway. Then I connected charger and the port I used did not work it pings all the time. The previous 2015 I had had problems with one USB to.

So get extended Apple warranty and maybe get two since there is a chance you will make new friends in Apples service department.

Patrick McCaully's picture

Discounts are "deep" because Apple is rolling out new GPUs tomorrow.

Stephen Kampff's picture

It's pretty hilarious that the silver models have different prices now. Didn't expect a discrepancy between the two.

Tony Clark's picture

Mid 2017 models...