You Can Now Try Affinity Photo, Designer, and Publisher for Free for 3 Months and Then Buy It at Half Price

You Can Now Try Affinity Photo, Designer, and Publisher for Free for 3 Months and Then Buy It at Half Price

Many companies are creating some fantastic deals for creative people who are faced with losing a lot of work and having a lot of time on their hands. Affinity has just announced some excellent offers that will allow you to learn some new software and also save you money.

The trial period for using Affinity software has just been bumped from 30 days to 90 days, giving you plenty of time to get to know the entire Affinity suite: Photo, Designer, and Publisher. What’s even better is that the already-cheap software is now even cheaper. It’s currently available at half of its usual price, meaning that Affinity Photo, an excellent alternative to Photoshop, is available to buy — outright — for just $24.99.

If you've ever wanted to sit down and learn how to use graphic design software such as Adobe Illustrator or InDesign, Affinity has just given you a great way to get started.

If you opt for all three, Affinity is offering you alternatives to Adobe Photoshop, InDesign, and Illustrator for a one-off payment of less than $75, with no subscription required. The Adobe alternatives will cost you $53.99 per month, but of course includes regular updates, 100 GB of cloud storage, not to mention the other programs in the suite such as Lightroom and Spark.

Serif, the company behind Affinity, explains: “The introduction of the 90-day free trial and deeply discounted pricing is done in the hope that this will make life a little easier for people who rely on creative software to make a living, but may be stuck at home without their usual tools, or for students who might not have access to their Affinity apps on their personal devices.”

While my Lightroom/Photoshop subscription gives me no real need for Affinity Photo, last year I bought Affinity Publisher and have been impressed, and not just with the price. It’s a type of software that I use infrequently and could never justify the massive hike in price to include InDesign in my Adobe plan, and Affinity Publisher does everything that I need. I’m still hoping that Serif has plans to release a Lightroom alternative in the next year or two.

The deal is currently available from the Affinity website until April 20, though this may be extended as the situation with coronavirus develops.

Have you bought software from Affinity? What’s been your experience? Leave a comment below.

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I like using Affinity, can’t compare it to PS as I’ve never owned it but Affinity certainly does all I need with my skill set.

I think you either mean Affinity Publisher and Adobe InDesign or Affinity Designer and Adobe Illustrator.... Affinity using Designer is confusing.... And the new version of Publisher can import both PDF and Indesign IDML files though no Indesign native files directly yet.

Yes, you're right. Fingers got confused. Thanks for picking it up.

After going iPad only, Affinity Photo on iPad is how I process HDR and focus merging. Great app. I need to learn how to use it for actual image editing still.

Uninstalled after 20 minutes but is good for beginners especially at half price

I like Affinity Photo and have it installed (both Windows and Mac), but it's only something I would use in a bind. I'm not an Adobe purist. I migrate back and forth to different programs. Right now, my workflow is Capture One and Photoshop.