Build Your Own Motorized Dolly With RasPiLapse

Build Your Own Motorized Dolly With RasPiLapse

If you have an interest in electronics and computing, then you probably already have heard of Raspberry Pi, the credit card sized ARM based computer that runs linux and can be had for under 50$. These computers have been mega-popular with the DIY and electronic hobby crowd, and as you might has expected, there have been some great project ideas that people have cooked up. Of course, in that mix there was bound to be some photography related projects.

I got interested in the Raspberry Pi computer a few months ago when I learned about the device, and since getting one, I decided to dive a little deeper into what people have been doing with the device in regard to photography. I recently stumbled across this project that caught my attention. RasPiLapse! This project uses the Raspberry Pi computer to control a motorized slider and the camera for use in time lapse video creation. Check out the instructable and video, and let us know in the comments, if you have worked on any DIY Raspberry Pi projects, especially if they are related to photography.

RasPiLapse on Instructables

RasPiLapse project website 

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Jerrit Pruyn's picture

I have a couple of these laying around, I need to do something with them. A Nas was on the list and a bittorrent slave.

Patrick Gensel's picture

Yea, I was thinking about getting another one for a NAS project.

Benicio Murray's picture

thanks for the heads up on this. This could be my next project.