DIY 1000w Equivalent Water Cooled LED 'Sun Blaster'

Matt over at DIY Perks, a Youtube channel dedicated to electronic based DIY projects, made a tutorial on how to build a 1000w equivalent liquid cooled LED light. The best part is it's daylight balanced at 5600k so perfect for simulating a sunny day or Window light when the sun just won't cooperate.

I'm a big fan of both DIY projects and LED electronics. I've made a bunch of custom built LED light fixtures and devices that work with my Home Automation setup and Philips Hue lighting system. So I'm always looking for a new weekend project and this one looks like a great addition to any studio. It seems Matt built it primarily for video lighting but I could see this being useful for all kinds of scenarios, Macro photography, interior architectural shots, boudoir shoots on a cloudy day, and just about any studio assignment where you might want to simulate sunlight.

The design is pretty simple and doesn't require a lot of technical know how to assemble. The most difficult part is having to do a little soldering for the LED and control board which really isn't that difficult even for someone who hasn't done it before. The water cooling system is completely self contained and comes fully assembled and Matt even managed to use the original brackets that come with it to connect it even easier.

It's not the cheapest DIY project I’ve come across but when I looked into how much a similar light would cost the cheapest I could find was around $500 and some got really expensive fast. There are cheaper alternatives to some of the parts listed so you could probably make this on a budget but the quality of light might be sacrificed which is more important for video usage than still.

Here is a Bonus DIY project from DIY Perks on how to make affordable flexible LED light panels.


[via DIY Perks]

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I love and live by this guys lighting for video. I used to do marketing for a LED company, after working there I can't fathom paying for the prices that sell at BH.

DIY perks is so full of win! He does really awesome projects, this project specially can be mixed with a Bowens adapter for hot shoe flashes (T adapter) to add softboxes, reflectors, softboxew, etc.

I wish I was proficient enough with electronic circuitry to build something like this. So cool.

Me too!! There are tons of projects he has done I would loveeeee to do!!! sigh but I am the sloppiest when it comes to soldering :( hahaha

Well there is only one way to get better and thats to just try and keep making stuff. The best part about LED projects right now is the cheap cost of materials. This one might be a little expensive but a lot of the others are pretty cheap to make.