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Articles written by Patrick Gensel

Build Your Own Motorized Dolly With RasPiLapse

If you have an interest in electronics and computing, then you probably already have heard of Raspberry Pi, the credit card sized ARM based computer that runs linux and can be had for under 50$. These computers have been mega-popular with the DIY and electronic hobby crowd, and as you might has expected, there have been some great project ideas that people have cooked up. Of course, in that mix there was bound to be some photography related projects.

How To Make Your Own Quick Release Camera Strap

If you are like me, then chances are, you find yourself constantly detaching and reattaching your camera strap. When I'm shooting long exposure shots in a breeze, I don't want the strap whipping in the wind. Removing the strap while not rocket science, can be a bit time consuming, and I am the type of photographer that finds myself in ever changing situations where adding and removing the strap is not always the best use of time. Now I could spend forty plus dollars on a quick release strap and be done with it, but personally, I get more pride out of making things. Oh, did I also mention I am cheap?

Give Yourself a Photo Assignment, and Then Write About It

Sometimes, I find it difficult to motivate myself to go out and just shoot for the heck of it. Unless it is a project I've planned, or a client shoot, I often find myself making excuses for not going out to shoot.

I haven’t been able to decide if this is my inner lazy shining through, or if I am subconsciously convincing myself that “There is nothing good to shoot today, I’ll go tomorrow.” but it is a counter productive habit that I decided I needed to break.

The Art of Lightroom Catalog Management

Lightroom is a great tool for photographers of all types, in addition to the powerful suite of editing tools at your disposal, there is a robust cataloging system to help you keep your collection manageable and easily navigable. But with the ability to create and manage an infinite number of separate catalogs, how exactly should one consider spliting up their collection, if at all?

The Muir Project and Project Yosemite Collaborate on an Epic New Film

I never thought a hiking film could be exciting until I saw some of last year's clips from The Muir Project. Well they are at it again, and this time they are working in collaboration with Project Yosemite to bring us another film from one of America's most epic places, Yosemite National Park. The film, called "Yosemite HD II" is as you might have guessed, sequel to "Yosemite HD", which was a beautiful time lapse put together by Project Yosemite last year.