Incredible Time Lapse Shows Off New Zealand's Northern Island

I am a sucker for beautifully coordinated time-lapse projects. There is something about well chosen music, paired with beautiful moving images that evokes an feeling of emotion in me. I love to visit far away places, and when done right, a good time lapse film does wonders to bring you front and center to a far off land.

This short film by Bevan Percival is no exception to that sentiment. The footage was shot in beautiful New Zealand over the course of six months. For all the gear heads out there, Bevan shot the images using a Canon 5D Mark II and an assortment of lenses. Motion was controlled using a Dynamic Perception Stage Zero 6 Foot Dolly.

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Deleted Account's picture

Wow, amazing work!
I would love to see some BTS-stuff, but I think there isn't anything, right?

Patrick Gensel's picture

I haven't come across any yet, If I do, i'll be sure to share!

stephen aim's picture

Wow I love my Birth Place!!

Lorenzo P's picture

This is truly remarkable, it helps you to realize how beautiful this place is!

Paul Hance's picture

Awesome work. Bevan Percival excellent work.

Yves Chan's picture

Stunning!! I'd love to see the settings and lenses used for these shots tho. :( I wanna try out timelapse like that.

Robisierra's picture

Truly breathtaking, grat work!