This Unique Time-Lapse of Austria Will Blow You Away

Over five terabytes filmed over the course of two grueling years, A Taste Of Austria is comprised of over 600 time-lapse clips intricately woven together through creative clip transitions. Time-lapse movies often take themselves entirely too seriously, focusing on the dramatic through epic song choice and long drawn out pans. This short video incorporates creative use of sound coupled with quick and calculated cuts to give the viewer a sense of a fast-paced guided tour through the spectacular European countryside.

Austria is rich with beautiful mountain laden landscapes and bright colors for as far as the eye can see. Smack-dab in the middle of Europe, Austria is full of history and cultural influences from over a half-dozen neighboring countries. From rolling green fields framed by the Alps in the west all the way to the beauty of the low land plains surrounding the capital of Vienna, there is enormous beauty all around. Film Spectakel was able to capture a great deal of this natural beauty in their recent film. Quickly selected as a Vimeo Staff Pick, A Taste of Austria seems to be just that - a taste of one of Europe's true gems.

Film Spectakel is a small Austrian production team with a flair for a unique approach to time-lapse photography. The award winning group has been actively pursuing creative time-lapse in central Europe since 2013. Following the acclaimed success and virility of Vienna Time Lapse  (another must watch), the team bonded in their great success and knack for unique vision in short films. Since their initial break out project in March of 2013, Film Spectakel has moved on to other projects in the realm of time-lapse like giving a Vienna twist to the intro from the Netflix original series House of Cards. They produced their own mirroring version of the intricate sequence, Vienna in the Style of House of Cards. Perhaps just a one trick pony, one thing is definitive: this creative approach to sharp, high definition, time-lapse photography is mesmorizing and highly entertaining.

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Man this was pretty cool. I'd love to hear from the people that made it about how to approach something like this to a client. I'd LOVE to hear how many people were on the team, how long they actually were on the job (2 years straight or was it a little here and a little there?), what the proposal was (time, money), and how they described the final result to win the proposal over. Great work Film Spectakel! If you happen to see this and don't want to post publicly, PLEASE shoot me an email at

Austria huh? Well, good day, mate! Let's put another shrimp on the barbie!

This is riveting well creative and perfectly edited

I agree !

Apart from the superb photography, this is a great example of painstakingly good audio editing. Absolutely makes it IMO

Yes this one blow me away ... Great

Puuuuh.... THIS is so awesome....
There are so many little Things to discover in this Movie. I love the Woodsign "Sternenrast"...... ;)

Absolutely amazing !