The Muir Project and Project Yosemite Collaborate on an Epic New Film

I never thought a hiking film could be exciting until I saw some of last year's clips from The Muir Project. Well they are at it again, and this time they are working in collaboration with Project Yosemite to bring us another film from one of America's most epic places, Yosemite National Park. The film, called "Yosemite HD II" is as you might have guessed, sequel to "Yosemite HD", which was a beautiful time lapse put together by Project Yosemite last year.

Now, I know time lapse is one of those things that seems to be a dime a dozen these days, but these guys really capture the essence of how beautiful and awe-inspiring Yosemite is and I expect more of the same with the new film. After watching the teaser, It seems that they are focusing a lot on the aspect of mountain travel, which I think will add a lot of diversity to the structure of this film. Lots of beautifully shot mountain scenes to be seen here!

Check out this teaser for "Yosemite HD II" and be sure to head over to their Facebook Page to follow the project.

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