Want To Waste A Lot Of Time? Try This 18-55mm Hack

One of our readers Rhett Bingham just sent this over to us. I really do not see the point in this at all but it is so well shot that I have got to promote it. Even though I would never ever do this for any reason, it blew my mind that someone would.

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Wow all that and no photo? It would be a lot easier to just buy a manual lens with aperture and buy this: http://haodascreen.com/reversing.aspx

Really nice man. Awesome tutorial and great editing.

Ya exactly... or just spend $15. Still a beautiful video

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Here's the video through the lens: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zD_hq4bqTf4&feature=related

The burning pot shot is pretty cool; all in all very requiem for a dream esque

"...aperture is work!"

McGyver doesn't need extension tubes, uh?

Indeed a lot of work ! I did create a supermacro lens by creating a reverse-ring myself (glueing 2 rings together) and mounted a Canon 50mm 1.4 lens on a Sigma 70-300mm lens.

(This is plain kitchen-salt)

Im wondering if this guy once worked at the Canon Lens Factory..LOL.. Fab post though.

ok so i just took some pictures with 2 extension rings on a reverse ring with a 55mm macro lens - :D seems to get me even closer than with normal macro use even with the extension rings! i can see the texture of seeminglyy glossy paper.

i would never be able to do this by just watching the video, but its still pretty cool. the guy is either a mechanical genius, or some type of lens engineer. awesome video, and i liked the philip glass he chose as the music.

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If you watch carefully, he's a wrestler not a genius

I preffer just to hold it! haha..

What a geek. But in part i liked it, very criative we cant deny.

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dude you are so good you should get a job at foxconn for apple.

***bestbuy sucks***

This video contains content from It is not avaliable in your contry :-/

the video is awesome, but i dont see the point of ruining a reasonable lens while you could just buy a reverse ring or make one yourself from a body cap, a filter and some glue.

A reverse ring doesn't give you electronic aperture control. What did you think all of the soldering was for?

Though I credit his great soldering talent. It's obvious this guy needs a girlfriend or a friend. But I would never be caught dead with that piece of junk on a 5D ! There should be DSLR Cops to confiscate one's camera for idiotic performances like this.