Amateur Photographer's Street Photo Asks: Is The World Cup Making Thousands Homeless?

Through his street photography, Brazilian civil engineer, economist and amateur photographer, Jairo Abud, sheds light on how his government chooses to allocate it's resources while millions live in poverty. This is another short yet intriguing video produced by documentary outlet, Seeker Stories, who use "...the imagery of photographers and adventurers around the world to give us a deeper connection to and understanding of the human condition".

How did Brazil's government and a world famous soccer tournament increase poverty across the nation?


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Jairo has an impressive stream of street photos on Flickr, that are well worth your consideration.

Also, a small point of interest to some: the kid at 0:53 has a teddy bear-like pet sloth!

via [Seeker Stories]

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Pictus Invictus's picture

The truth is even worse ...
They spent three times more on the World Cup than any other country!
And did not finish all the projects...
Lula, Dilma and the PT politicians are the worst scum I have ever seen...
They have destroyed the country economy...

Anonymous's picture

I remember the 1984 Olympic Games in Los Angeles. In order to present the world a happy prosperous California, the Los Angeles City Council decided to move many of the homeless (some forcefully) people into the Mojave desert, letting them stay in former US Army barracks including three free meals a day. After the Olympics they were literally forced out of their shelter leaving many stranded and wandering in the desert. You can always judge a society by how it treats its weakest members.