Documentary on the Most Famous Fashion Photographer Alive: Mario Testino

Mario Testino is without a doubt one of the most famous fashion and portrait photographers currently alive. He has worked for the biggest magazines and brands in the world, including Vogue, GQ, Vanity Fair, Calvin Klein, and Burberry. Over his 35 years of experience in the industry, he more than certainly shot some of the sexiest, most important, and most famous people on earth. In this article, take a glance at his work, but also his life, through a documentary created by the BBC.

Whether you like Testino and his work or not isn’t the question. Every famous photographer is well known for a reason. Having the opportunity to learn more about the life and work of an industry leader is a chance to grow, learn, and evolve. In this 47-minute long video, you will have an opportunity to hear how people that have worked with him felt in front of the camera, but also where Testino comes from and how he grew up to become the fashion photographer that he is now.

The quality of the video is not the best as the documentary was filmed in 2002. However, the content is worth it. Biographies are always absorbing and an excellent way to learn what made someone successful.

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