How an English Photographer Showed Thanks to His Country's Veterans

How an English Photographer Showed Thanks to His Country's Veterans

With Veterans Day having just passed, there are a lot of thanks and praises going around to our past service members. We all give our gratitude in different ways. Photographer Louis Amore decided to create a series of portraits focusing on mostly elderly veterans. Amore said that the Remembrance Parade last year inspired him to create this series in order to preserve their memory and show thanks for their sacrifice.

I felt I had to record these men and women for posterity, it was my way of saying thank you. The only way I could is through my camera. I wanted to preserve these people digitally for what they had done for the country and many other countries.

Amore used a Nikon D810, Sigma 24mm f/1.4 Art lens, and an Elinchrom Ranger Quadra RX Hybrid with an octobox to create the portraits. Each portrait was shot in London during the parade, so Amore was forced to use the nearby architecture to create each image. Amore mentioned that he gathered contact information from the subject or their families so that he could send the portrait to them later. The admiration and sentiment displayed in this series is a great homage to veterans around the world.

Thanks to Louis Amore for the information on this series. You can find him at his website, Twitter, or Instagram

All images used with permission.

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I like these.

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Louis produced very atmospheric portraits depicting the characters of the heroes. Let me share with you my documentary veterans portraits project covering the same issue and telling the story from another angle