Russian Photographer Takes Neon 'Dystopian Metropolis' Street Photos of Moscow

In a collection of street photos, one Russian photographer has documented his local city in a cinematic, surreal manner.

Based in Russia, photographer Konstantin Vikhrov has recently released a series of cyberpunk pictures which he calls an "aesthetic-semantic" game. Looking like stills from a movie set, the photos are awash with bright neon colour, dark shadows, and a hazy aesthetic.

Citing self-expression and his own personal experiences as the inspiration, the series features a number of portraits, as well as shots of largely vacant streets in suburban Moscow.

One image, which Vikhrov quotes as a personal favorite, features a homeless man, who has since passed away. A number of others show convenience stores, kiosks, and vehicles. Shot almost entirely at night, the images depict a darker undertone than many of the photos Instagram is awash with. So much so, his work has been compared to the likes of a Ridley Scott or David Lynch film, with his street images described as presenting Moscow as a “dystopian metropolis.”

Vikhrov initially came up with the idea a number of years ago. Taking portraits of people in front of Moscow’s unsightly store signs, he later decided to widen his scope, delving further into capturing the “ugly” aesthetics of Moscow.

You can see more of Vikhrov’s work over on Instagram.

All images courtesy, and used with permission of, Konstantin Vikhrov.

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Daniel Medley's picture

Unless you're Ukraine ...

But, either way, very nice photos.

Sebastian Lehner's picture

Good stuff!

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The star filter lives

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This is some high quality material I would like to see more of on Fstoppers.

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These are incredible!

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Ah, mother Russia, you can be so..