Your Only Chance to Be Photographed as an Astronaut is Coming Up

Your Only Chance to Be Photographed as an Astronaut is Coming Up

Lets face it, if you're reading this, it's probably slim you'll ever be an astronaut. Not because you aren't capable, but because the odds are 1 in 42,000. So there's about 7 of you guys reading this who might. So when this kickstarter came across my feed the other day, I was pretty interested. Not just because you get to be photographed in a space suit, but because you can get a pretty kick ass photo of you in a space suit. 

Don & Julia are photographers based in Spokane, WA and are setting out to try to document as many people as possible in their replica model space suit. They "came up with this crazy idea last year, while traveling Southeast Asia. [They] were binge watching Dr. Who and got to the episode where the impossible astronaut comes out of the water and approaches the doctor." Right then Julia was like "what if we did a personal photo project about an astronaut who is wandering across the world, looking for a place to call home? And I'm like YES! That is the coolest idea. No wonder I married you!" They started looking online and came across this site that sells replica model space suits. It was a little expensive, most expensive prop they have ever bought. "But hey, for the sake of art!" They started shooting it in Alaska, and since then the space hero has traveled to Australia, Fiji, Hawaii, and Washington. They want to go to more places and get more people in it! Their big dream is to do an around the world trip with the suit. So they're starting out small to get the word out. On top of that, 10% of all the proceeds will go to World Relief to help with refuge settlement in the U.S.

They're running a small Kickstarter of a North West tour. It will stop at the following cities: Spokane, Everett, Seattle, Longview, Portland, Boise, Yellowstone, Missoula, Coeur d'Alene, Spokane. The projected date to leave is December 5-11, 2015. Here's where you come in, for just $100 if you're in one of these cities you can get a Space Hero portrait. HOW CAN YOU PASS THAT UP!? I'm seriously considering flying to Yellowstone from Southern California, because the thought of those two things combined is absolutely mind blowing. If you aren't in these areas, you can still back for $20 and get a print of your choice. 

Make sure to keep up with them on Instagram and back their Kickstarter

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Kyle Ford's picture

Really thinking about doing this

Sarah Williams's picture

Do. If not for yourself, do it in my honor.

michael buehrle's picture

1 in 42,000 ? so what your saying is that there is a chance ? i would have thought it was much higher odds.

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Ralph Hightower's picture

This is great. I've seen photos of astronauts doing ordinary things, or was that Storm Troopers doing ordinary things.
I grew up watching Mercury, Gemini, and Apollo astronauts and always dreamed of being one. But in college, I developed CSS (Can't See Shit) without glasses. I continued following the Space Shuttle program from the beginning to the end (photographing the final launch and landing).

Igor Butskhrikidze's picture

interstellar ost playing in my mind when i see these pics

Caleb Kerr's picture

Meh, whatever, already did that back in my astronaut days.

Deleted Account's picture

Sorry - it's not even a real space suit and doesn't even look like one. OTOH I can get a couple rolls of aluminum foil and can shoot you sorta looking like a space man for $19.95 limit one per customer.