Space Hero Mission: Be Photographed in a Space Suit and Be a Part of Creating a Series of Exploration

Space Hero Mission: Be Photographed in a Space Suit and Be a Part of Creating a Series of Exploration

You could say a lot of things about the Space Hero Mission, but the concept of exploration of this world is unmistakable. The whimsical combination of the character of an astronaut with the seemingly endless exploration of the natural ends of our planet here on Earth takes the normally arduous task of worldwide expedition and makes it more relatable. As the mission has recruited dozens of participants to serve as models in their unique space suit, there is still room and time to be a part of this fun project and get your own photograph taken while inside a space suit.

Don and Julia Photography (the Mr. and Mrs. Deroisier duo behind the Space Hero Mission) are seasoned wedding, portrait, and commercial photographers based out of Spokane, WA. Their self-proclaimed wanderlust is evident throughout this project, which delicately and imaginatively captures the spirit of travel and discovery of the best parts of our world with the juxtaposition of the natural world we know and the implication that even your backyard is still a place worth further exploration as an astronaut appears to leave no stone unturned and no valley unseen throughout his worldly travels.

In the best way, it's childish in its dreamy concept and mature in its imagery and greater purpose. And you can be a part of it.

Space Hero Mission took to Kickstarter, where its campaign was successfully funded by those hopeful to get their own portrait taken in the space suit (full disclosure: this group includes me, too). Others benefited from rewards including prints of their favorite images. And today, you can still sign up on the website to be a part of the project, and you can still buy prints if you wish as well. While some prints are more personal in the sense that they show the face of the person donning the suit, I would call most of the fine art images available, "a-personal," and more focused upon the astronaut as a character.

Those interested in participating in the program can do so if they live in or will be available within the western part of the U.S. or Vancouver, Canada, as part of the mission's 2017 West Coast Tour. Alternatively, those local to Spokane, WA, are also able to schedule shoots nearer to them, as the Deroisier's are based there. Portrait sessions include an 8 x 10 print and start at $250 for those interested – a bit more than the $100 asked during last year's Kickstarter campaign, but not bad at all for a typical portrait session, let alone for one with a space suit. You choose the place, they'll do the rest.

You can follow the images created for the Space Hero Mission on Instagram and can get more information and prints on the website for the program. Let us know what you think of the series in the comments!

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