Documenting Picturesque Hong Kong Through Video and Stills

Feeling holiday or travel blues? Looking for some wanderlust motivation for your next adventure? Check out this inspirational video!

I don't know about you, but sometimes when I am longing for a travel adventure, that has been many months over due, I like to immerse myself in places all across the world through a simple click of a button. Obviously, it is never quite the same to experience a journey through the eyes of someone else, however, having said that, it can lead to some serious case of wanderlust, which may or may not lead to you reaching for your credit card and booking that last minute flight to a destination on the other side of the world. 

This time, wherever you are right now, you can enjoy the picturesque Hong Kong through the eyes of travel photographers John Alexander and Matthew Williams-Ellis who collaborate together on Photo Escapes Films to bring you on a visual journey  to destinations all over the world. Armed with Nikon D750, Nikon D850, and DJI Mavic Pro drone the two of them filmed and photographed breathtaking views. From panoramic cityscapes, to vibrant views across the harbor, and all the way to the atmospheric Man Mo Temple, Alexander and Williams-Ellis are taking the viewer with them, and explain their thoughts behind the shooting process.

Monochrome image of Hong Kong cityscape

With two different personalities, and consequently, two different styles of shooting, both photographers show us their unique vision and shots that catch their eye. Whether you want to learn more about travel stills or video, or you simply want to enjoy a visual treat for your eyes, there's something for everyone. And, if Hong Kong isn't your scene, their YouTube channel offers a large variety of destinations for you to pick! Question is, where will you choose to go?

Images used with the permission of John Alexander.

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Jason Frels's picture

My problem with Hong Kong is fighting the humid haze that seems to always be there whenever I visit. It is a fun place to visit, though.

Cesar A Mendez Garcia's picture

You need to go with the flow and capture just that, because that´s HK is humid and hazy for the most part of the year.
It is difficult to compose a nice photo in those conditions, but I have seen photographers pulling it off and coming with amazing photos. I am not one of those gifted, I do need great conditions for great photos though!

Ken Yee's picture

That's actually smog usually...

Tony Yung's picture

You gotta come between June till September for clear skies, but the downside is that its super hot and humid. I generally just concentrate on night cityscapes during the hazy seasons. Check out my instagram @tonyyphoto for some unique spots.

Peter Yeung's picture

If your goal is to make original photographs from less photographed locations, Hong Kong is still one of the most inspiring and easy-to-access cities on Earth. I still would love to disappear off the grid, exploring unseen urban landscape, but for my work, I now use curiosity to explore something unusual in the familiar. I have a website dedicated to the city of Hong Kong. Check it out.

Anete Lusina's picture

Thanks for your comment Peter, will check out, I'm sure others will, too!

Peter Stewart's picture

Bloody excellent video! :) Well done John and Matt!

David Stephen Kalonick's picture

I've spent 2 weeks shooting a campaign for Santa Cruz Surfboards and then another two for Quiksilver and then many visits with my wife when we lived in Shanghai. It's a truly magical place that everyone should visit(especially before it goes under complete Chinese rule). I was fortunate to experience it with locals and expats that had the city dialed in. Taking a boat to Macau was also a real treat. Great video!