Gorgeous 4K Drone Footage of the Icelandic Highlands and Faroe Islands

If you’re especially sensitive to wanderlust, exercise caution before clicking the play button. As if Iceland and the Faroe Islands aren’t already alluring, a little 4K drone footage is the fastest way to convince me to spend a chunk of change on a flight.

Doug Urquhart is a fellow Atlanta-based videographer. I’ve binge-watched a fair amount of Urquhart's amazing time-lapses, and his drone footage doesn’t disappoint. While his time-lapses are shot on a heavily modded rig, this travel video is just off the DJI Phantom 4 drone. The style isn’t especially saturated or processed like a lot of typical drone footage, so the killer camera moves speak for themselves.

The Faroe Islands look like a merger between the Scottish Highlands and the west coast of Ireland — a few shots look exactly like the Skellig Islands. Though I expect it won’t stay that way for long, the Faroe Islands still see relatively little tourism, especially compared with their Icelandic and Norwegian neighbors.

So excuse me while I book a flight before it becomes the next top tourism destination, and while there are hopefully still a few unique landscape photography spots to discover.

Have you made it out to the Faroe Islands?

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LA M's picture

Too late...photographers have been showing up there for over a year now...and in typical fashion they have started to piss off the locals by trespassing and acting "entitled".

Johnny Rico's picture

Whats with the music?

Deleted Account's picture

These kinds of videos don't make me want to go anywhere. Not being a bird, that's not what I'm going to see. Photos, taken from 5-1/2' off the ground, on the other hand...

Scott Basile's picture

That was freaking beautiful.

David Pavlich's picture

And just a couple of articles before this, we're told that drones are awesome, but don't buy one. I know...but it's a juxtaposition thing. :-)

brian williams's picture

Why does Vimeo always glitch? I have 100mb internet, it always glitches, buffers - - - one of the main reasons why I never use Vimeo. . . beautiful video though!

Marcus Phoenix's picture

Gorgeous footage. Not sure about the music though

J. Thomas's picture

Spectacular video, but the sound track is really annoying and totally inappropriate for those grand vistas.

Leon Kolenda's picture

WOW! Outstanding Footage! I'm so jealous. Bravo! I loved the sound track also. If that were mine, I would call it
" On The Edge" Inspires and motivates me for this fall shooting!