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Three Tips for Mastering Seascape Compositions

Seascapes are one of the most imaginative sub-genres of landscape photography. It’s challenging enough to create a compelling landscape image when “what you see is what you get,” but with the energetic waves constantly changing a sizable portion of the composition, seascapes can be incredibly difficult.

Winter Photography Tips for Iconic Shots of Iceland

Winter can produce some of the most awe-inspiring landscapes of the year, bringing with it snow, ice, and more than a few challenges peculiar to winter landscapes. Iceland is no exception, and in his latest vlog, Nigel Danson shares tips for getting the most out of the white stuff.

Five Budget Travel Tips to Save on Long-Term Landscape Photography

“Let’s go to New Zealand!” Ka-ching, that’s a pretty chunk of change to shell out, but travel has become comparatively more affordable than ever before. If you are considering extended travel to invest in your landscape photography, you can save a ton of money without turning vagabond.

The Best Thing You Can Do to Improve Your Landscape Photography

When you schedule a couple weeks for landscape photography, do you revisit locations from prior trips? It’s tempting to visit new places, but if you want to drastically level-up your portfolio quality, start investing more time in one spot.

Noob Astrophotography Mistakes That Will Ruin Your Nightscapes

Landscape photographers spend a lot of time outdoors at strange hours of the day to capture a few shots at sunrise and sunset. But have you considered exploring astrophotography to broaden your shoot options to include breathless starry nights?

Why Revisiting the Same Location is Essential to Improve Your Landscapes

Variety is king during a one to three-week landscape photography trip. Visiting a few points of interest per day ensures at least one spot will work out. But to take your photography to the next level, it’s crucial to revisit the same location many, many times — and not just for the weather.

Ten Things I Learned About Landscape Photography in 2018

2018 is old news, but that doesn’t mean we’re quite done learning from it. As you reconsider some of those New Year's resolutions, it’s important to revisit the previous year to celebrate milestones and shed some light on meaningful goals in 2019.

A Guide to Creating Stunning Sunbursts in Your Landscape Photography

Nothing says sunrise or sunset like an explosive sunburst. The geometric pattern can double the interest in your photos when composed soundly, but you need to get a few settings in order. Here’s a guide to picking the right lens, mitigating flare, and composing the shot just right to create crisp, gorgeous sunbursts!

The Art of Boredom: Why You Should Leave Your Camera Behind More Often

I hate being bored, not so much because of the restless sensation, but because I dread wasting time. Boredom just feels wrong, so I maintain a ready backlog of productive tasks. But could boredom be as essential to your creativity as hard work and tenacity?

A Guide to Ultralight Travel Clothing for Landscape Photography

How many bags do you pack for a landscape photography trip? While your camera gear is probably the heaviest part of your luggage, your clothing may be the bulkiest. But as any mountaineer or thru-hiker will tell you, it doesn’t need to be that way!

Lessons From My First Two Months as a Location Independent Landscape Photographer

What would it be like to take a year long travel sabbatical to photograph the world? When I started in November, I expected it to look like my last five years of landscape photography trips — just back to back. After just two months of being location independent, it’s fair to say I was pretty far off the mark. Here are seven lessons I’ve learned.

Want to Improve Your Compositions? Stop Ignoring Your Bad Photos

How do you level up your photography skills? The obvious places might be to peruse work by other photographers or watch some YouTube tutorials, but these are actually the least effective ways to learn: your best learning resource is your own library of bad photos!

Take off Your Polarizing Filter, Especially for Landscape Photography

Probably the first advice you received as a new landscape photographer was to purchase a polarizing filter. But once you’ve mastered the polarizing filter on a few landscape photography trips, my recommendation is: take the polarizing filter off.

Should Winter Photographers Explore Iceland by Campervan?

What’s the best way to explore Iceland as a landscape photographer? Many photographers swear by camper vans: you can drive up to the best location, scout it during midday, then stay overnight to shoot until sunrise.