A Guide to Ultralight Travel Clothing for Landscape Photography

How many bags do you pack for a landscape photography trip? While your camera gear is probably the heaviest part of your luggage, your clothing may be the bulkiest. But as any mountaineer or thru-hiker will tell you, it doesn’t need to be that way!

Last week we did a “gear shakedown” to cut down the weight of your camera gear, but optimizing gear is an easy way to burn your wallet. If you’re looking for more economical ways to cut down your pack and spend less time washing laundry, consider investing in a quality travel wardrobe.

If you’re new to the field of ultralight travel clothing, this vlog will get you up to speed on nature’s miracle fabric: merino wool. Instead of traveling with five shirts and a few sweaters, you can layer one to three merino wool shirts to cover 10 to 90℉.

Light, breathable, soft, fast drying, moisture wicking, naturally antimicrobial, and an unbelievably effective insulator that retains its insulating properties even when it’s wet — merino wool really is nature’s miracle fabric. And unlike the fabric in many travel clothes, merino wool looks like a nice cotton-polyester shirt. You just might find you prefer wearing your travel clothes at home!

Not every garment in your kit should be made of merino wool, so the vlog also covers some technical fabrics and outerwear recommendations. With some practice, you can condense your entire travel wardrobe into your camera bag for travel of any duration. I’m traveling the world for a year, and merino wool clothing has been essential to consolidating all my gear and clothes into one carry-on backpack.

Have you optimized your travel wardrobe for landscape photography? Any favorite tips or deals you’d like to share?

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Jonathan Lee Martin is a fine art landscape photographer, educator and globetrotting digital nomad. He’s traveling the world for a year to discover unique landscapes and help fellow landscape photographers lighten their load to go further.

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