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Stop Dodging: Five Alternatives to Bumping Local Exposure

Since the film days, photographers have used dodge and burn to infuse drama into their images. Unfortunately, local exposure adjustments don’t always stack well and can produce the opposite effect.

How to Light Paint an Image in Post-Production

“This shot just looks flat.” Even an image shot during dramatic lighting can look dull after global adjustments. But with some inspiration from light painting, you can bring the image to life in post-production.

How Neutral Tones Unlock a Landscape’s Believability

Most landscape photographers will agree that post-production is essential to the art, but while the debate of how far you should go is left to individual preferences, the question is how far you can go while maintaining the image’s believability.

Stall Your Viewer by Leading Their Eye Through the Landscape

How long do you spend looking at an image on Facebook versus an art gallery? The duration we spend admiring someone’s work depends on the context, but to what extent can you stall viewers on your own landscape photography?

Why Successful Photos Are Alluring, but Teach Us Nothing

When you set aside time to learn as a photographer, how do you spend that time? Do you peruse your portfolio or browse through a respected photographer’s portfolio to break down why some photos “worked”? You may fall prey to a cognitive bias called Survivorship Bias.

The Mountains of the Scottish Highlands: A Time-Lapse

There’s no shortage of bucket list destinations, but Scotland is a pretty special place. My first photography trip was to Scotland, and my last trip in the UK ended with the Scottish Highlands.

Why Failure Is Critical to Becoming a Better Landscape Photographer

We’re digitally surrounded by success stories in the field of landscape photography. A handful of these successful photographers keep my social media clogged with stunning work and wanderlust-inducing locations. So if you want to be a successful landscape photographer, you should imitate their successes, right?

Gorgeous 4K Drone Footage of the Icelandic Highlands and Faroe Islands

If you’re especially sensitive to wanderlust, exercise caution before clicking the play button. As if Iceland and the Faroe Islands aren’t already alluring, a little 4K drone footage is the fastest way to convince me to spend a chunk of change on a flight.