Say Hello to Doris, the 100-Year-Old Drone Pilot

Cameras are often at the bleeding edge of consumer technology, and drones are often at the bleeding edge of that. Typically, such technology gets associated with younger people, but this 100-year-old can't help but smile when she takes a drone for a spin.

Coming to you from Ken Heron, this warmhearted video shows him as he takes his friend, Doris, along to fly his drone. Doris was originally friends with Heron's grandmother and has known him his entire life. I personally hate the perception that technology is something enjoyed by younger generations, so it makes me quite happy to see her smiling as she tries out Heron's drone. She gets the hang of it pretty quickly and has no problem with basic navigation, plus she seems to genuinely enjoy the experience, commenting on how much fun it was and saying she wants to do it again. It's also kind of hilarious seeing how nervous Heron is with her flying and even more so when she's driving at the beginning of the video. Adding to the fun, Doris celebrates her 101st birthday tomorrow! I just hope I'm half as cool as she is when I'm even half her age. 

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This is so cool! I have been following Ken on youtube for years!

Rick Nash's picture

She needs to strap on the 3D VR goggles to get that extra zoom zoom feeling.