Amazing Documentary - 'America in Pictures: The Story of Life Magazine'

"Set up in 1936, Life magazine believed that pictures could change the world."

America in Pictures: The Story of Life Magazine is a fantastic documentary from the BBC about the life of one of the most important magazines in American history. Narrated by acclaimed photographer Rankin, it follows the people who told the 'story of America' through its most dynamic decades - the 40s, 50s and 60s - and documented its growth into a world superpower.

Before the days of the 24-hour news cycle, you could hear about things that were going on by listening to the radio, but the only place you would be able to see it was in Life magazine - for the horror or the glory.

"Life was defined by its bravery. Photographers dangled from helicopters and crawled into caves. They dodged bullets and survived prisoner of war camps...What a role Life played. Sometimes guardian, sometimes magician and always a kind of teacher. Whatever Life was out to say, its language was always photography, and its lesson was to teach America how to be American."

Don't miss this documentary. At an hour, my only gripe was that I wanted it to be longer.

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Ooooo.... no comments. As for me, immediately downloaded and saving for the perfect moment later this weekend to watch.

Need an algorithm for what (absurdly) gains attention (Adobe's move to Cloud) or not.

Keep it up, Chris

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Thank you!

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inspirational stuff, thankyou.

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Bourke-White seems like the type of photographer I hate today - using sex and or sex appeal to get jobs that others didn't get.