Camera Gear You'll Want to Have for Shooting Fashion and Editorial Photography

Camera Gear You'll Want to Have for Shooting Fashion and Editorial Photography

Over the last several months, the Fstoppers team was able to link up with Clay Cook, an acclaimed editorial and portrait fashion photographer, to produce a comprehensive tutorial teaching his photography techniques. If you want to learn more about the full tutorial and what it offers, check out the store page. One of the key elements of Clay's work is the variety of gear he has used throughout his career. Included in the tutorial, and now available here on Fstoppers, is a peek into the equipment he uses to craft his stunning images. 

The ability to shoot incredible imagery is not defined by how expensive your gear is. This is a lesson Clay learned very early in his career. Many of Clay's first shoots were done in his living room using simple equipment and DIY setups. Even with short ceilings and sets made from foam core bought at Lowes, he shot dramatic well lit images. 

Throughout his career, Clay has grown into a larger studio space and now shoots with higher end gear. Incorporating better lighting equipment has helped him control and shape the light in his scene a little better. Broadening his choices of camera bodies and lenses gave him a higher base image quality to work with. Shooting tethered has helped him collaborate with bigger teams on set. Every piece of gear opens up new opportunities for him the capture images in different ways, growing his portfolio and advancing his career. 

While high end gear isn't necessary to create incredible editorial and fashion photography, everything Clay uses has a specific purpose. The full list of everything Clay uses is available on his gear page which includes not only what he uses, but also offers descriptions of why. Even if you're not able to watch his full tutorial, make sure to check out the equipment that goes into making his inspiring imagery. 

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David Strauss is a wedding photographer based in Charleston, SC.

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I'll shoot with a fucking canon xt a lamp...if I can have more access to models lol.

Hahaha! (laughing at Aaron's post) But I remembered when I started out with a Rebel XTi and a kit lens. Now I'm bless to be rocking the 5D mark III and the 50mm F1.2, and I'm working on getting the Profoto B1 next. But definitely a game changer with my images with better gear. ;-)

One of these days, I'm going to own a Mamiya RZ67.