Contest Entry: Fatal Attraction

Our next contest entry as just been posted. David Solomini shoots for A-List Magazine. It's really cool to see all that goes into getting a cover of a fashion magazine. You can view more details about the full shoot at and you can add to the dialog about this BTS video on the forums here. Please give the creator of this video your feedback, we would all appreciate it.

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The 2 submissions for the competition are really bad .I would love to see better vidoes and better pictures.

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Both Patrick and I are going to try to stay out of commenting on these videos for the contest since we are going to leave it up to the community to vote on the winner. I will say this though, If you think the video submissions are low quality then you should be excited because your video will easily win. Keepem comin people!

I actually very much enjoyed the photos from the first video. This video, for me, was too long with many lulls.

Really? You thought that was bad? Please oh please Roger, cannot wait to see yours!

Thanks Lee, that's a fair assessment. Clearly this video is not "really bad." That is pretty amusing to me. :) But that is your opinion Roger, when you can show something that isn't "really bad" then you may get me to agree, I hope this site isn't like YouTube where people leave comments like "this sucks "ftw" "fail" or "lol"

Goodluck to the rest of the participants, excited to see everyone's HARD work.

At this stage once we see Rogers work of art....even if it changes video as we know it, I would vote for anything but his. Being a pompous jackass will get you nowhere in my world.

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Fstoppers will NOT become a website overrun by haters. There are too many websites out there that are overly negative. We want this to be a positive community but at the same time we want honesty. Constructive criticism is always welcome, trolls will be banned.

I have always said; if you are a true professional in any creative field you will never put others in the same field down. You will only do your best to build them up.

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I could not agree with you more Lee. I always have liked the idea of, if you are going to put down something I have made, then you better have something that inspires me yourself. The web can be full of people who enjoy putting others down while having absolutely nothing to push themselves.

Anyone submitting a video, create what you enjoy and hopefully others will watch. It's that simple

@ Patrick you should send that sentence you said to YouTube and tell them it should be there motto!

"if you are going to put down something I have made, then you better have something that inspires me yourself"

amazing...i heard a similar quote "Never look down on anybody unless you're helping them up."

I value constructive criticism. Trolls not so much haha. As a creative community, if we work together we can only create bigger things.

gotta love the people who say sports players suck, but if they actually went onto the field/court, they would be demolished.

Lets get more entries up, this is a competition after all :D

You can see the final pictures here:

Interesting the number of different cameras they used, I thought that would be all post pro from digital these days.

Good, bad or indifferent you will almost always learn something, even if it's I don't like their shooting style. I just like to see how different people work and how they take their idea from start to finish.

I am going to try to shoot a video at my next shoot, but it's a little hard when the camera you shoot with is also the video camera:( But we'll see what happens.

Good luck all.

i love the effect of film camera... thanks you fstoppers :D:D:D

I can't wait to get out and film my BTS video. I'm thinking of trying out a "snowboarding in the summer" shoot idea ;)

video was kinda slow on a few parts but love that it was all film. the pictures are beautiful. a look that you can get with film and only film i dont care how good you are at photoshop or what tricks you think you know. digital is digital and film is film. great stuff.