Elle Australia Becomes The Latest Publication to Shoot a Cover Using an iPhone 7 Plus

Elle Australia Becomes The Latest Publication to Shoot a Cover Using an iPhone 7 Plus

Following the lead of Billboard and Conde Nast's Traveller, a full fashion spread inside the new issue of Elle Australia – including the front cover – has been shot entirely on an iPhone.

Australian photographer Georges Antoni - who has shot for the likes of Wonderland and Harper’s Bazaar – was enlisted to shoot the cover.

The cover image features Margaret Zhang, a 24-year-old blogger whose skills in creative direction, photography, and styling are highly sought after by brands all over the world. Antoni described the process as “liberating,” explaining that he "did not worry about lenses, tripods, tethering to the computer, etc.”

Elle Australia editor-in-chief Justine Cullen said:

As these incredible pocket-cameras now find themselves in the hands of everyone and anyone, it means magazines like ours need photographers with an even more honed eye, more magical storytelling skills and bucketloads more vision to create a story - or cover - worthy of making it onto the printed page, as opposed to the more fleeting existence of, say, that shot of your barista-touched latte you posted on Snapchat.

Fiona Legdin, general manager, fashion, health and beauty at Bauer Media, added:

The iPhone 7 cover is the latest publishing advance from Elle Australia. Whether it’s creating innovative commercial executions or developing our own unique ways to excite and connect with our audience, Elle continues to lead the market.

This topic is often the root of much debate; as the pace at which images shot on iPhone appear in respected publications, what are your thoughts this time?

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Anonymous's picture

If you don't mind the wide lens and have plenty of light it works pretty good for web stuff. Elle is still a print magazine as well though.

Kang Lee's picture

Pretty sure this was taken with telephoto lens on the plus.

Anonymous's picture

Probably one of the crazy Zeiss iPhone lenses.

emil richter's picture

no its built in dude. the plus version has 2 cameras... catch up with the news man...

Lance Bachelder's picture

Most likely "Portrait" mode - it does do an amazing job as long as you have enough light.

Anonymous's picture

I stopped caring about iPhones a long time ago.

Stu G.'s picture

Why? Just because you can doesn't always mean you should.

Gregory Andrus's picture

Why shouldn't they? I mean, they just did.

Tom Lew's picture

this is my favorite comment here. Precisely. Why not? It totally works!

Brian Dowling's picture

because it makes headlines. Would this be on FS if it was taken with a 5D4?

michael buehrle's picture

next month will be a photo shoot with an iPad. does anyone really care anymore if it's shot with an iPhone ? i bet the samsung guys are pissed.

Anonymous's picture

The ONLY reason it was shot with an iPhone was to gain publicity for the magazine. "See how hip we are?" There's no practical reason to use an iPhone rather than anything else. The cost and personnel for production dwarfs using any camera over another.

Tor Ivan Boine's picture

"d. Antoni described the process as “liberating,” explaining that he "did not worry about lenses, tripods, tethering to the computer, etc.”"

That seems practical

Anonymous's picture

I'm sure he felt that way but my comment remains. And, no, it doesn't seem practical to me. I feel more liberated taking a nap than cutting the grass but the grass doesn't get cut.

Anonymous's picture

You voted me down for expressing an opinion? Let me guess... You think shooting with an iPhone is artistic and demonstrates you're an artist. :-/ Don't you think going on about shooting with a phone is just as gear obsessive as bragging about a Hasselblad?

michael andrew's picture

I hope the photographer at least got credit.

Gregory Andrus's picture

"We've never been ones to play by the rules (and neither has our cover star @margaret__zhang), so this month, we had esteemed photographer @georgesantoni shoot this very cover... " It's in the very short article.

michael andrew's picture

Wow, you must not have gotten the joke.

Tor Ivan Boine's picture

what joke?

Michael Kormos's picture

These iPhone covers sure do sell a lot of iPhones!

Ricky Perrone's picture

its a good photo for sure but I always wonder why? Its got to seem so weird having the full support crew there hair, makeup, wardrobe, lighting etc.. and then some dude whacking at an iPhone screen to adjust his "camera" settings

Peter Mueller's picture


Alan Jennison's picture

The front cover of our print magazine, 'Tasmanian Living' was shot on a Samsung S7 by my Wife.

yanpekar's picture

Does not seem to be professional to use an image with a hard shadow from nose on the cover. Now it looks as if the model has two noses. For many it is considered as a lighting mistake that has not been corrected.

Lenn Long's picture

When will Canon or Nikon announce that they can make calls from their cameras???

Anonymous's picture

They make cameras. I remember a review of an early iPhone that went something like, 'It does everything well except make phone calls!' :-)

David Moore's picture

This whole thing is just silly to me.

benpearse's picture

If they didn't tell us it was shot on an iPhone,would we even had known/guessed that? I'm sure the budget of the shoot still remained the same...

joe o sullivan's picture

I think everybody knows, at this stage, that phones can take a good photo. I cringe when I see a headline like this. It's partly trying to tell noobs that they don't need a DSLR anymore, and partly trying to lick Apples butt. It's easy to take a good photo with a phone in the right conditions but you can't replace the functionality of a DSLR (or mirrorless). Something like this shouldn't be worthy of an article on Fstoppers.

Deleted Account's picture

Couldn't agree more.

Kolade Agunbiade's picture


Melissa Ann's picture

I like the image. Nice to do something different once in a red moon....
I wonder if apple sponsors magazines that have used the iphone for a cover...

Mike Schrengohst's picture

I remember the film days and the weeks on end trips I would take just taking photographs. You would come back with hundreds of rolls of film. Wait for Kodak to send you back boxes of Kodachrome slides. Then take days combing through them for the select few winners. And then go into you darkroom and process your own Cibachrome prints.
Now I take my iPhone and just shoot and then send my photo to anyone, anywhere. It's not magic anymore just Voodoo worship.

LA M's picture

I like it...what's the big deal?

"Photographers" likely said the same when digital cameras were first introduced...can't possibly be on the same quality level as film. Where is Kodak, go look for them now.

Deleted Account's picture

YAWN. Proving once again that people will accept crap photography if it has a pretty girl in it.

Black Rock's picture

wow, ELLE is getting really cheap.

Benjamin Kanarek's picture

It's never been the hardware. It is all about the team, the theme and the attitude...always has been.

David Davidson's picture

The naysayers need to get onboard with reality. DSLR sales are way down, why because of smartphone cameras. The technology is what drives this. Learn that it's not the tool but the results of using the tool. Just remember all the people that said that the Iron Horse, the Horseless Carriage, the Flying Machine, Personal Computers were all follies. Where are they now? Stop making this about licking Apple's butt, when it's really answering the question of why some one should haul all of this gear around when the phone camera is 90% of what 90% of the people want.

Marc DeGeorge's picture

Proving once again that it is the photographer, not the camera, that makes the shot. While I would personally disagree with the hard shadows, this does seem to be a trend in fashion these days. Then again, fashion has always been about trying something new and pushing boundaries. First we had models and circus elephants, now we have covers done with an iPhone. C'est la vie.

Bryan Wiggins's picture

“Nobody will ever need more than 640g of glass.”