Model with 'Cat Eye Syndrome' Poses for High Fashion Editorial

Model with 'Cat Eye Syndrome' Poses for High Fashion Editorial

Caitin Stickels, a 29 year old model, actor, and singer from Seattle, Washington who was born with a rare chromosomal disorder known as Schmid-Fraccaro, or "Cat Eye Syndrome," realized a dream she never dared to hope for when she recently starred in a high-fashion editorial, photographed by famed photographer Nick Knight.

Working with Nick Knight at SHOWstudio for V Magazine was something I couldn't have even dreamed of, to be perfectly honest.

Caitin's disorder, which causes facial deformities such as cleft palette, has given the model's face a unique, feline quality. While her look isn't one common to the fashion industry, Caitin's one-of-a-kind beauty is set to break down barriers in this breathtaking editorial for V Magazine.

Some people give themselves a chance and dream. They may not always realize it, but even dreaming or wishing that you could be a part of something, that's still giving yourself a chance.

Editorials like this one, that celebrate unique beauty, deserve to be seen and shared as they open minds and give hope to those who may not have dared to dream this dream for themselves. 

[via Harpers Bazaar and V Magazine]


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Jonathan Klempa's picture

Good for her! Her look and the different outfits compliment each other nicely.

Nicole York's picture

Agreed! It's so well done.

Olga Tenyanin's picture

Such striking images, breaking the bounds of fashion and beauty.

Spy Black's picture

I don't understand why they didn't do a shoot making a fashion statement with the very unique character trait she possesses. What's the point of shooting her with her eyes closed?

Erin B.'s picture

People with this syndrome don't always have the iris deformity. In this case hers appear to be the lip/nose.

Spy Black's picture

Ah, interesting. OK.

Ken Flanagan's picture

People are all beautiful!
Edit: Except for Sarah from third grade who wouldn't kiss me during spin the bottle.

Kim Smith's picture

Interesting. Her face certainly pushes the definition of traditional/societal standards of beauty. Her bodily form, however, does not. Nothing avant guard there at all. Would we have seen her in this arena if she had been obese?