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Pop Culture Food Pun Photos You Never Knew Eggsisted

I'm a big fan of clever puns. I'm an even bigger fan of puns done in an original way, which is hard to do these days. The Instagram / Tumblr account "Talking Food" has blended the awesomeness of food photography and pop culture puns like "Go Shawty It's Sherbert Day" and my favorite "Batman and Reuben." If you have a few minutes to kill check out the page for over 100 puns that will put a smile on your face and food that will make you hungry. The most impressive part, the graphic design is all done on an iPhone. Talking Food creator, Laura Prouty, accidentally started the hit Talking Food account one day when a bowl of un-ripe avocados sat on her kitchen table. After hours of agitation of not being able to eat said avocados, she proclaimed that this was AVOCONTROL, and thus the first Talking Food pun was ever created. Since then, she has gone on to create over a hundred of pretty hilarious puns on a regular basis. Here are just a few the more recent Talking Food puns. Fstoppers_Talking Food_Gary W Martin-1Fstoppers_Talking Food_Gary W Martin-2Fstoppers_Talking Food_Gary W Martin-3Fstoppers_Talking Food_Gary W Martin-4Fstoppers_Talking Food_Gary W Martin-5Fstoppers_Talking Food_Gary W Martin-6Fstoppers_Talking Food_Gary W Martin-7Fstoppers_Talking Food_Gary W Martin-8Fstoppers_Talking Food_Gary W Martin-9Fstoppers_Talking Food_Gary W Martin-10Fstoppers_Talking Food_Gary W Martin-11Fstoppers_Talking Food_Gary W Martin-12Fstoppers_Talking Food_Gary W Martin-13Fstoppers_Talking Food_Gary W Martin-14Fstoppers_Talking Food_Gary W Martin-15Fstoppers_Talking Food_Gary W Martin-16Fstoppers_Talking Food_Gary W Martin-17Fstoppers_Talking Food_Gary W Martin-18Fstoppers_Talking Food_Gary W Martin-19Fstoppers_Talking Food_Gary W Martin-20Fstoppers_Talking Food_Gary W Martin-21Fstoppers_Talking Food_Gary W Martin-22Fstoppers_Talking Food_Gary W Martin-23 Follow Talking Food on Twitter @TalkingFood and also check out their new website where you can order products at UPDATE: YOU CAN NOW ORDER PRINTS AT

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Not to be the Debbie Downer, but a lot of these are not puns, it's wordplay. But, fun nonetheless!

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Little Debbie Downer Cakes!

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And... that was amazing.

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Also it's "sherbet" not "sherbert". Pronounced "sher-bit". It's now so commonly mispronounced that it's practically accepted as the right way also. I will not deviate from the original!!!! lol

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I'm 30 and i just learned this a month ago. felt like an idiot

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I'm sure you're a hoot at parties.

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Come on. That's pretty rude.

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With Gouda, the g is pronounced with an H. "How da" :)

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actually, where it's from we say it like 'gaowda' except the G is not said like the hard K sound you use for it in english, but more like a softer s-like sound> 'sjaowdah' come pretty close

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...and now I will never try to pronounce that word again.

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These differences in language spelling are confusing.

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dont get Marco Polo... help me

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never mine :/ got it

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i really should just delete this post

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but i'm bored....

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...i wanna hold your ham...