Six Important Tips for Creating a Successful Photo Project

Creating a photo project can be daunting and it takes a lot of planning. Here are six important tips to ensure your photo project is a success.

I'm in the midst of planning several photographic series for this year, and so I'm more than aware of the work it entails. The initial idea might seem like one of the hardest parts, but it really is just the beginning. The logistical problems and recruitment of subjects, assistants, and general helpers is a mammoth task in itself, and all of these are before you have even got to the technical side.

COOPH are a great resource for photographers and their YouTube channel is one I frequent regularly. In this video, COOPH's founder, Ulrich Grill, shares his tips for creating a photo project using the acronym "ASPECT". The advice is welcome and will be useful to photographers of all levels, but more than that, the series of images he created which acts as the supporting video for these tips, is stunning. Before a friends' house is demolished, they paint it completely blue (and I mean completely) and have a professional trails bike rider attend to pull off some tricks in, on, and around it, all while wearing a complementary colored t-shirt.

What advice would you give to somebody who is looking to create a photo project for the first time?

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